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ameer hindi

on 5 April 2017

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Transcript of aa

Smart Tracking System
Reema Emad
Ma’ali Fawaz
Supervised by: Dr. Tareq Alhmiedat
Presentation Layout
* Introduction
* Problem Overview
* The proposed system
* Experimental Testbed
* Evaluation
* Conclusion & Future Work
Localization System
** The term localization means the ability to determine the coordinates of any target object based on other objects with known locations.
** In this project, we focus on localizing mobile targets based on the GPS technology .
Localization Applications
1. Civilian applications
2. Industrial applications
3. Military applications
Problem Overview

It is hard in some situations to keep an eye all the time of elderly people, or distributors, children, as that requires an extensive effort and time.
System’s Aims and Objectives
We aim to design and implement an Android based localization system to position and track the location of any target person. The system will be able to:
1. Finding out the localization information about any client .
2. Remotely alerting the admin as soon as the client has exceeded his/her assigned area .
Smart Tracking System
We developed, designed, and implemented an Android based localization system .
* We program a tracking system using Android SDK .

* We also used GPS to determine locations .
Objective 1: programing a tracking system :
Objective 2:
* Find the distance between points :
A(X 1, Y1), B(X 2, Y 2)

* examine the distance if:
 Greater than the specified distance has exceeded the region
 Smaller than the specified distance has to be within the designated area
Objective 3:
GPS monitoring System :

A GPS monitoring system is integrated with our system in order to tell us the other party place .
Experimental Testbed :
Our system has been implemented using Samsung android phones .
The proposed system has been evaluated through deploying it in the local region.
Conclusion & Future work :
-In this project, we have designed and implemented
a smart localization system using Android.
-The proposed system has been implemented on Samsung smart phone.
-STS can be deployed in several kinds of applications, including: monitoring children, elderly people, and distributors.
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