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Science Vocabulary by Ahnaya Cousin

No description

Ahnaya Cousin

on 28 January 2014

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Transcript of Science Vocabulary by Ahnaya Cousin

Balanced Force
Two forces using an equal amount of force towards each other.
Kinetic Energy
Energy in motion
the distance traveled in a matter of time.
Changing position from a certain place to a different one.
Science Vocabulary by Ahnaya Cousin
If Shimu and Yuki keep pushing with
a balanced force they'll never move!
ex.Two people pushing on a box with
same force
non ex. two people pushing a box
A ball rolling down
a hill is using kinetic energy
ex. a ball rolling down a hill
non. a ball sitting still
The speed of the bus
travels 20mi
per hour.
ex. distance divided by time
non.a car going by
Kurayami's motion
changed the cup's position from the table to the floor
ex. moving a cup
non. staying still
Newton's law of motion
The three laws of motion
created by Sir Isaac Newton
One of Isaac Newton's laws is an object will stay at rest until acted upon by an outside force
ex.an object at rest will stay at rest
non.touching something
Stored energy
Holding a ball in a slingshot the ball is using potential energy.
ex.a ball on a hill
non.a ball on the ground
How far somethings gone
The distance the plane traveled is 5,000 miles.
ex.How far somethings traveled.
non.How tall something is
staying at rest until acted upon
Inertia was caused when he slammed the breaks.
ex.pushing someone
non.stopping something
Sl unit of energy
Emit is pushing with a force 5 newtons.
ex.a force mesured in newtons
non.isaac newton
tells both speed and direction
the chart shows the what the velocity is.
ex.speed and direction
non. how fast something's going
The force pulling all things in the universe
There are 14ibs
of gravity pulling you down to earth.
ex.an apple falling
Two objects rubbing against each other.
It was difficult to move the box since there was so much friction.
ex.sand paper rubbing together
non.two objects touching.
appllying force
When the ball the other ones they spread out
ex.balls spreading out
non.picking something up
A change in velocity
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