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The ghosts of izieu

No description

Edison García

on 22 November 2013

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Transcript of The ghosts of izieu

James Watson

Elise and her father Steve and her stepmother Carol were on holiday in little French village. Elise hated Carol, never talked with her, because she thought that Carol wasn´t her mother, Carol every time tried to be Elise´s friend, but Elise refuses to be friendly. Elise was very unhappy.
When Elise was in her bed at the midnight, she had exactly the same image, in the same place night by night. It a light came from between the bedroom curtains, like the light of and old black and white film.
In it she could see an army German lorry, boys and girls in coats, and some had bags over their shoulders. Maybe they were ghosts, or a dream.

Chapter 1
The Ghost Children

Alice talk with her father and she asked to him why they was in village and also why he liked go to see graves, but her father didn´t a good reply, so she guessed that he had a secret.

When Elise was walking here the church of the village, she saw a boy, and immediately she approached him to talk because for her, the boy seemed lovely. And also she needed talk with someone of her own age during these two weeks in the middle of nowhere. The boy called Stefan. Elise was very talkative and prying, and she asking a lot. He looked afraid and suddenly he say goodbye and hurried up to go away.

Chapter 2 Stefan
Back in time

Elise continued thinking why the boy was frightened and she thought that there was something strange in that place and she knew that her stepmother has noticed it too.
Elise decided to search for tracks inside the church; it was colder inside and very mysterious. Elise decided to sign her name in the visitor´s book. She opened the book. And she thought ‘’that´s strange’’ because nobody put their name in since 1944. There weren´t any signatures after 1944, but there were plenty before that. And the last note asked for God protection. It ended: ‘’GOD HELP US!’’ That was written for a girl named similar to hers, but not the same: Eloise.
Suddenly the silence of the church was broken by a woman’s voice: ‘’Eloise! You must come now’’ A woman with straight grey hair was looking her. Elise thought ‘’I’m not Eloise… I’m Elise but she can’t say them. The woman’s hand holds tightly to Elise’s arm. Elises tries to stop, but the woman pulls her along the road. And she took Elise to the Lolinoz farm.

The children

In a room of the farm there were children, about thirty. Elise thought that maybe she could find Stefan, and she said ‘’Stefan!’’ and a boy comes towards her…The boy was good looking… But he isn’t Elise’s Stefan. The boy says ‘’Sabina is angry with you’’ Elise was confuse because she can´t understood why all of them knows she, but she never seen these people. But she had one thing sure… this isn´t happened in her time.
Sabina talked to Elise about

(Germany’s secret police in the second world war 1939-45) the worst of Hitler´s men, and said that those people wanted to find people like them. They had been in that house for ten months, and they had the hope that perhaps one day soon the war would end, and the Germans would leave France forever.
Elise remembered her History classes when her teacher talked about the Nazi holocaust and stories about it like the mountain of shoes. When teacher asked her. ‘’ where do you think the owners shoes went?... what do you think happened them?... and in these moment she understood everything.
Sabina said ‘’ if you try to scape, all our lives will be at risk’’.

A terrible mistakes

Elise found a little door and she thought that maybe these could be the path back to real life, because she thought that perhaps if she stayed in that place she never came back to her real life, and never would see again her family.
Suddenly Stefan appear and he sat close to Elise and talked about things happened, about her family, because she knew that everything was a mistake, and that it wasn´t her time (the time of computers and tv) that was the time of fear when death is everywhere.

Escape from the past

The sun has dropped and Elise lies in the darkness, but her eyes were open, and she looked at the sleeping children. Forty four of them, safe, but never safe. And she remembered the pictures in the Dad’s books and she could hear Dad’s voice when he talked about the experience in Dachau concentration camp, illness, no food, many days without sitting down and without toiled.

She took the decision to go away the farm and she went towards the window and she jumped. The ground was far below her, Elise hit the ground and she heard the Crack of her foot, she wanted to scream with the pain, but she knew that maybe the children could awake, so Elise put her hand into her mouth and continued crawling by the floor.

The Lorries

Suddenly there are sounds from the village, the sounds of Lorries, soldiers jumped out of the back. The children are brought down. Some of them are only half-dressed, their faces was serious, pale and tired.
No questions, no tears. The officer gave the order to if someone protests, shoot them. As quickly as they came, the Lorries left the farm. She decided she was going to tell the story of the children of Lolinoz; the Ghosts of Izieu.


Suddenly Elise listened the Carol’s voice (her stepmother), Elise couldn't believe that she was in her house, and couldn't understand what had happened.
Since that moment she started to be friendly with Carol.

After that, she went to the war memorial to put some fresh flowers and she said. ‘’flowers will never be enough’’.

James Arnold Watson ( Watson was born in Darwen, Lancashire, England. in 8 November
1936) is an English writer.
The best known of his
twelve children's novels is Talking in Whispers—winner of The Other Award from the Children's Rights Workshop runner-up for the 1984 Carnegie Medal,and, in its German translation, winner
of the 1987 Buxtehude Bull award.
Two others are Ticket to Prague and The Bull Leapers. He has been a lecturer in media and communication studies and he has written
three books in the field.

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