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Ivan Pavlov

No description

Hugo Ramirez

on 15 November 2014

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Transcript of Ivan Pavlov

1. What do you know about the psycologyst Ivan Petrovich Pavlov?
3. What do we know about his death?
5. What were his most important writing?
4. What was the most important contribution that he made to society?
2. What type of formal education did he have?
Ivan Petrovich Pavlov
He was born on September 14 in Ryazan (Russia). The son of an orthodox priest, he first studied theology he gave it up to start studying in the university.
6. What were his most important teachings?
Andrea García and Sonia M Alzate Have:
Doctor Pavlov Studied medicine and chemistry at Saint Petersburg. He advanced his studies in Germany, where he specialized in intestinal physiology and in the workings of the circulatory system.
Doctor Pavlov died of lung congestion the 27 of February 1936 at 86 in Leningrad.
Doctor Pavlov Invented and came up with amazing physiological techniques for his times. He made important investigation on the pancreas, the liver and the salivary gland and the secret activities of the stomach. He won the Nobel Prize in 1904. His this investigation.
A book about condition reflexes. He also wrote. The work of the Digestive Glands. twenty years of experiments about the superior nervous activity in animals and lesions about the activities of the brain hemispheres.
Pavlov is known mostly for formulation of the law of conditioned reflex. He In allowing a psychic analysis of the animal, to study its capacity to diferencier the different stimulus. Pavlov opened new avenues on psiquiatric, psychology and inclusive about pedagogy all.
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