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Mohawk College Group

shaffy gogna

on 13 June 2013

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Transcript of Timberland

The Timberland Company:
Challenges and Opportunities Team 2:
Shaffy Gogna, Sylvia Mosca , Sonia Neal, Neil Mccollum, James Jeudi, Daniel Atkinson, Rudra Patel Agenda Is Business success is compatible with a social and environmental responsibility.
How Timberland's commitment to social responsibility influence the way it deals with Diversity, Globalization, and technology.
How has Timberland converted their challenges and into Opportunities.
Advantages and disadvantages of Timberland attempts to influence suppliers and customers regarding corporate and social responsibility. and how it helps timberland to deal with its own challenges.
Question Round
Gift card to the winner
Conclusion Business Success compatible with Corporate social and environmental responsibilities. More people are being environment friendly.
78% canadians ready to buy eco friendly products.
In 2007 45% canadians were active in environmental activity. (Stats Canada)
Being socialize is a new way of marketing Social and Environmental Responsibility influence the way it deals with Diversity


Globalization Diversity Strong value culture
Code of conduct
Fair labor practices and human rights.
Equality with all different culture in different countries Technology Green Index rating system

Increasing the use of wind and solar power

More online facilities to customers Globalization Eliminate the Price of Products
Product improvement
Dealing with suppliers around the world
Auditing all factories Conversion of Challenges Into Opportunities Ethical
Globalization Ethical Create a friendly environment
Timberland and children rights
Immediate action on workplace issues Technology Design your own shoe online

Precise fit System

Creative online information about material used in each product. Diversity Celebrating festival in different countries

Boosting Employee service hours

Hiring more people from different regions or countries Globalization Global Human Right Standard
Partnership with non government organizations and international agencies such as VERITE and CARE
Global competition Advantages and Disadvantages Advantages Helps to achieve future goals

New eco friendly community will began

Good reputation in market

Build a unified, purposeful, motivated work force Disadvantages Specific target market

More focus on responsibilities than competition

Customers think eco friendly products are more costly

Principal could be different in other countries

Online design system needs improvements. Questioning what percent of canadian ready to buy Eco friendly products?
A.40% B. 67%
C. 78% D. 10%

who's the CEO of Timberland?
A. Michael B. Mary L
C. Louis S D. Jeffery Swartz

Timberland has partnership with which international agency?
A. Verite B. W.H.O
C. Go green D. Pita

which system Timberland first introduce in Europe?
A. Solar System B. Less Emission System
C. Precise Fit System D. Stay Fit System

Timberland Becoming the contract supplier of new uniform for which company ?
A. Subway B. McDonald
C. Tim Horton D. Star Bucks Questioning Which award Timberland Won?
A. Eco Friendly Corporation B. Best online Technology
C. Innovative Company D. Ethical corporation Winner

Which Rating system to check Carbon Emission ?
A. Green index System B. Precise System
C. Eco Index System D. Carbon Emission System

Headquartered of Timberland is in?
A. Toronto B. New York
C. New Jersey D. New Hampshire

What service Timberland offer on their Website?
A. Return your Old Shoe
B. Design you shoe
C. Track Your Order
Conclusion Thank You Questioning Why corporations should be social and environmental Responsible?

Why Timberland is more focused on Social and environmental responsibilities rather than competition?
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