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Taylor Behl- Forensic Case

Forensics Crime Scene Analysis

Nicole Kleppe

on 15 February 2011

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Transcript of Taylor Behl- Forensic Case

Crime Scene Analysis Forensics By: Nicole Kleppe
Alejandro Quesada Taylor Behl 17 Years old.
VCU Freshman (Virginia)
Relationship with Ben Fawley
MySpace quote, “Bitter”
Frequent Internet User.
Appeared Happy. Comments say otherwise.
Went missing September 5th 2005
Found dead behind a barn. Ben Fawley (Skulz) Formerly had a relationship w/ Taylor Behl.
Photographer (Child Pornography)
Internet User. (Blogs and MySpace.)
History of Mental Illness and Violent Behaviour.
Last person to have seen Taylor alive.
38 Years old.
Former relationship w/ Erin Crabill Night of Disappearance Labor Day (Sep 5th) Taylor had dinner with a friend at 8 pm

Soon after she met up with Ben Fawley

At 10 pm Ben walked Taylor back to her dorm and lent her a skateboard

At 10:30 pm she left her apartment to give her roommate some privacy

She only took her car keys, cellphone, and 40 dollars

She said she would be back in a few hours

She declared missing September 7th Crime Scene Characteristics Who discovered the crime? Taylors Roomate Who was the first to be on
the scene of the crime? Evidence Next... Internet Resources

Testimoinies from Erin (An ex-girlfriend of Ben Fawley) The Police (Investigative Team)
Marilyn Bardsley FINALE Ben Fawley was sentenced for 30 years on child pornography charges. Any
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