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Cosplay: A Counterculture 2.0

No description

Madeline Kenn

on 21 February 2013

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Transcript of Cosplay: A Counterculture 2.0

Budapest San
Francisco Cosplay A Counterculture around the world Women dressed as female characters Men as male characters What is the definition of cosplay? Crossplay attempt Furry Weird What? Crossplay Furries Weird and strange Cosplay originates in Japan The beauty? The Taboo? Cosplay in Japan Lolita > < Cosplay Shop Animaritime in Fredericton - early July
Otakuthon in Montreal - early/mid August
G-Anime in Gatineau late January/early February
Anime North in Toronto - late May
Naru2u in Ottawa - mid November
Ai-Kon in Winnipeg - late July
Animethon in Edmonton - August
Otafest in Calgary - May
Anime Evolution in Vancouver - June Canada Conventions America Conventions Anime Boston in Boston, Massachusetts - the spring PortConMaine in South Portland, Maine - June AnimeNEXT in Somerset, New Jersey - June

KotoriCon in Sewell, New Jersey - January Tekkoshocon in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania - March/April

Zenkaikon in Lancaster, Pennsylvania - March Ohayocon in Columbus, Ohio - January
A&G Ohio in Cincinnati, Ohio - March
Anime Punch! in Columbus, Ohio - March
Shinboku-con in Elyria, Ohio - April
ColossalCon in Sandusky, Ohio - June Anime Central in Rosemont, Illinois - April/May

Anime Midwest in Rosemont, Illinois - July Anime Milwaukee in Milwaukee, Wisconsin - February

No Brand Con in Eau Claire, Wisconsin - April/May Youmacon in Detroit, Michigan - the first weekend of November EvilleCon in Evansville, Indiana - March/April

Ikasucon in Fort Wayne, Indiana - July Anime Detour in Bloomington, Minnesota - April AnimeIowa in Coralville, Iowa

QC Anime-zing! in Davenport, Iowa - June Sogen Con in Sioux Falls, South Dakota - July/August

SoDak Con in Rapid City, South Dakota - June Anime NebrasKon in Omaha, Nebraska - November Anime Festival Wichita in Wichita, Kansas - July

Naka-Kon in Overland Park, Kansas - February/March Animazement in Raleigh, North Carolina - Memorial Day Weekend

Aniwave in Wilmington, North Carolina - November/December NashiCon in Columbia, South Carolina - March/April Anime Mid-Atlantic in Chesapeake, Virginia - June

Nekocon in Hampton, Virgina - November Tsubasacon in Huntington, West Virgina - October Anime Festival Orlando in Orlando, Florida - August

FAN:dom Con in Pensacola, Florida - October/November

Metrocon in Tampa, Florida - June/July

MizuCon in Miami, Florida - June Anime USA in Washington, D.C. - Septmber Anime Weekend Atlanta in Atlanta Georgia - late September/early October Katsucon in National Harbor, Maryland - February

Otakon in Baltimore, Maryland - July/August Kami-Con in Birmingham, Alabama - February Middle Tennessee Anime Convention in Nashville, Tennessee - Easter weekend OMGcon in Paducah, Kentucky - June

SugoiCon in Fort Mitchell, Kentucky - November AnimeFest in Dallas, Texas - Labor Day weekend

Ikkicon in Austin, Texas - December/January

Oni-Con in Galveston, Texas - October

Project A-Kon in Dallas, Texas - weekend after Memorial Day

RealmsCon in Corpus Christi, Texas - October

San Japan in San Antonio, Texas - August

Ushicon in Round Rock, Texas - February MechaCon in New Orleans, Louisiana - August/September Tokyo in Tulsa in Tulsa, Oklahoma - July Anime Banzai in Layton, Utah - October

Anime Salt Lake in Taylorsville, Utah - March Anime Vegas in Las Vegas, Nevada - November Con-Nichiwa in Tucson, Arizona - March

Saboten Con in Glendale, Arizona - September/October Nan Desu Kan in Denver, Colorado - September AM2 in Anaheim, California - August

Anime Expo in Los Angeles, California - Independence Day weekend

Fanime Con in San Jose, California - Memorial Day weekend

Sac-Anime in Sacramento, California - January and August/September

Yaoi-Con in Long Beach, California - October Kawaii Kon in Honolulu, Hawaii - late March Kumoricon in Vancouver, Washington - Labor Day weekend

Sakura-Con in Seattle, Washington - Easter Day weekend Senshi-Con in Anchorage, Alaska - September Anime Friends in Sao Paulo, Brazil - July Animefest in Brno - May Czech Republic J-Popcon in Copenhagen - March Denmark Salon del Manga de Barcelona in Barcelona, Spain - late October, early November Animecon in Helsinki, Turku, Tampere, or Jyvaskyla - July or August Finland Japan Expo in Paris, France - July AnimagiC in Bonn, Beethovenhalle

Connichi in Kassel - September Germany D-Con in Dundee - February/March United Kingdom Animania in Sydney, Australia - March and September

AVCon in Adelaide, Australia - July

Manifest in Melbourne, Australia - late August

SMASH! in Sydney, Australia - July

Wai-Con in Perth, Australia - January Comic World HK in Hong Kong - February and August Jump Festa in Chiba - mid December
Tokyo International Anime Fair in Tokyo - late March
Comiket in Tokyo - early/mid August and late December
Reitaisai in Tokyo - March Comic Fiesta in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia - December

Anime Festival Malaysia in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia - June Cosplay Mania

Ozine Fest in Mandaluyong, Metro Manila Philippines Comic World in Seoul, South Korea once a month, in Busan every two months Anime Festival Asia in Singapore - November Metacon Colossalcon Katsucon So why is cosplay/crossplay a counterculture in America? What are furries? Cat Girls not true furries The Furry Fandom Otakuthon Anime Expo
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