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Adil M.

on 20 August 2013

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Transcript of Untitled Prezi

Birth and Relatives
First, I am going to talk about the birth of Chaudhry Zafarullah Kahn Shaib and his relatives names. He was born on February 6 1893 in Pakistan Sialkot. He was in a Ahmaddiya Muslim religion. His fathers name was CH. Nasrullah Khan and he was a companion of the Promised Messiah. He passed away on September 2 1926.
His Job
Next I am going to talk about what job Chaudhry Zafarullah Khan Shaib got when he grew up. He was a politician, diplomat, and a international jurist, known for his representation of Pakistan. Here is how he became all these magnificent and wonderful things. He first studied in Lahore and received his LL.B from Kings College, London University in 1914. He then practised law in Sialkot and Lahore, became a member of the Punjab Legislative in 1926, and was a delegate in 1930, 1931 and 1932 to the Round table Confrences on Indian reforms in London. In 1931 to 1932 he also was the president of the All-India Muslim league, and he sat on the british viceroys executive council as its Muslim member from !935 to 1941. He also led the Indian delegation to the league of nations in 1939, and from 1941 to 1947 he served as a judge of the federal court of India. To the partition of India in 1947, Chaudhry Zafarullah Khan Shaib presented the Muslim league's view of the future boundaries of Pakistan to sir Cyril Radcliffe,the man designated to decide the boundaries between India and Pakistan. Upon the independence of Pakistan, Chaudhry Zafrullah Khan Shaib became the new country's minister of foreign affairs and served concurrently as leader of Pakistans delegation to the UN ( 1947 to 1954). From 1954 to 1961 he served as member of the international Court of Justice at the huge Hague. HHe again represented Pakistan at the UN General Assembly in 1962 to 1963. Returning to the International Court of Justice in 1964, he served as the courts presidents from 1970 to 1973. Before he was knighted in 1935.
Devastating Story's
Thirdly I am going to talk about devastating stories about Chaudhry Zafarullah Khan Shaib. One story about him is that one day in 1924 Anwar Khaloon was at the age of three and his father took him to Chaudhry Zafrullah Khan Shaibs house. At his house he offered Anwar some sweets but he declined. he offred two more time but he still declined. Then he held Anwars hand toward the bowl of sweets but he closed his fist. Then he asked Anwar if he didn't like sweets. He did but his mother told him not to at someone else's house. Chaudhry Zafrullah Khan shaib said" My house is also your house." Then Anwar looked at his father and he nodded in respond. Then Anwar took a little bit of the sweets. Another story is that once before the results of an examination a friend of Chaudhry Zafarullah Khan Sahib's father told him that Zufarullah Khan Shaib had passed. Zafrullah Khans father told Zafrullah Khan tha he'd been placed in the second division. Also his father said," You've just managed to scrape through the second division. A few days later the official result wass declared and Zafrullah Khan found out that even though he was in the second division, he missed the first division by only a few marks. He was so realived that he conveyed this news to his father. His father said what is the difference, you are still in the second division. Chaudhry Zafrullah Khan Shaib said the difference is that now I have been squarely placed in the second division, and have not just scrapped through. His father realized that he cold not win an argument with his eldest son. The last story is that after having past his LL.B. from London University, and having been called to the Bar at Lincons Inn in 1914, Chaudhry Zafrullah Khan sahib started his law pratise at the District Courts of Sialkot as his fathers understudy. In the British Courts and Law Graduates or Barrister from England it was considered senior to the most experinced Lawyer or Advocate who did not have any British Qualifications. While Chaudhry Zafrullah Khan Shaib was his fathers understudy, one of his colleagues jokingly referred to him as "senior." His father firmly said ," I am the senior."
Today I am going to talk about Chaudhry Zafarullah khan Shaibs life. The five topics I will be talking about are when he was born and his relatives names, what job he got when he grew up, devastating stories/things that happened to him,facts about him and when did he pass away and how did it happen.
Fourthly I am going to talk about facts about Chaudhry Zafrullah Khan Shaib. His mother passed away on May 16 1938. He also wrote a book called my mother in the year 1938. He practised as a lawyer
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