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The Titanic

No description

Brooke Thompson

on 10 April 2013

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Transcript of The Titanic

By: Brooke Thompson The Titanic Released in 1997 Conclusion -James Cameron is the director.

-Film director, film producer, deep-sea explorer,
screenwriter and editor.

-His upcoming movies are Avatar 2 and 3.

-Has won academy awards for best picture and
best director. -Leonardo DiCaprio and Kate Winslet are the two major actors in this movie.

-Target audience for the Titanic is fans of the stars, people interested in the real story of the Titanic and people who enjoy romance. Major Actors and Target Audience -Russell Carpenter is the film cinematographer for The Titanic.

-Titanic is considered a mainstream film or a Classicism film. Cinematography -Low angle is used from the water looking up at the Titanic as to emphasize the size of the ship.

-A high angle shot and birds eye view shot are used to show the height of the ship as it is sinking.

-Shows the viewer how far down the fall is into the water.

-These camera angles effect the film especially in the scenes where the ship is sinking.

-Increase dramatic affect of these scenes and help viewer feel more emotion while watching. Camara Angles _Titanic is one of my favorite movies and an
all time classic.

-Great movie for viewers that enjoy romance
and that are fans of the actors.
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