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Project Report Pitching IP

No description

Ngoc Tran

on 9 May 2013

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Transcript of Project Report Pitching IP

The reputation of Cho Ray Hospital has been adversely affected due to declining service quality. Project Background Thesis Statement The reputation of Cho Ray Hospital has been adversely affected due to declining service quality. Project Background HRM Capacity Technology Hospital
Culture & Ethics - BaoMoi, 2013, Co so 2 benh vien Cho Ray se co 1000 giuong benh, viewed April 15, 2013, Tuoitre, < http://tuoitre.vn/chinh-tri-xa-hoi/song-khoe/544863/co-so-2-benh-vien-cho-ray-se-co-1-000-giuong-benh.html >
Cho Ray Hospital 2013, Homepage, viewed March 13, 2013, <http://choray.vn/>.
Fomundam S. & Herrmann J. 2007, A Survey of Queuing Theory Applications in Healthcare, The Institute for Systems Research.
Giang, T. 2012, Kiem soat nhiem khuan o venh vien – Thieu va yeu, Vietnam Newspaper, viewed March 22, 2013, <http://www.vietnamplus.vn/Home/Kiem-soat-nhiem-khuan-o-benh-vien-Thieu-va-yeu/201210/163203.vnplus>.
NationMaster 2013, Global Country Report, viewed March 15, 2013, <http://www.nationmaster.com/index.php>.
VnExpress 2011, Luong y vat lon muu sinh, viewed March 21, 2013, <http://giadinh.vnexpress.net/tin-tuc/to-am/luong-y-vat-lon-muu-sinh-2277327.html>. References Consulting Specialist Business Analyst Research Specialist Generalist Director Agenda - Introduction
- Issues Overview
- Identified Root Causes
- Recommendations
- Financial & Action Plan
- Q & A - Problem Identification Human Resource Management Low compensation & ineffective rewarding system.
Insufficient training.
Brain-drain of qualified and experienced doctors to private sectors.
Unbalanced assignment of doctors and nurses. 70% doctors CANNOT make end meets by hard salary 63% doctors are NOT sufficiently trained Problem Identification Hospital Culture & Ethics Internal competition.
e.g. unwillingness to share, organisational politics.
Downgrading doctor's ethics.
e.g. unnecessary treatment, expensive prescription, bribery. Problem Identification Overloaded Capacity Number of doctors cannot fulfill enormous patient volume.
medical equipment Doctors at CR have to deal with approximately
120-180 patients daily Recommendation Healthcare ID Card Easy to manage patient profile, personal identification, and historical medical records.
Online appointment, prescription, and online result.
Improving administrative operational efficiency, and cost efficiency
Avoiding complicated paperwork
Saving time, increasing customer satisfaction. Recommendation Effective Queuing Model Reducing patient waiting time.
Increasing throughput efficiency.
Avoiding information, task and assessment duplication Recommendation Healthcare Assistant Recommendation Whiteboard Communication Financial Consideration Recommendation Reducing overloaded capacity.

Financial motivation factor for doctors. Satellite Hospitals and Family Doctor Network Reducing waiting time and improving patient access.
Enabling doctors and staffs to concentrate on complex illness. Skill-mix Training Saving time and cost.
Maximising staffs' potential.
Limiting resistance to training. Fostering communication and interaction.
Engaging patient in their care.
Reducing unethical behaviors. NPV = $5,669,000 Payback period = 4 months Speaker: Anh, Nguyen Speaker: Anh, Nguyen Leading public hospital.

Crisis in term of human capital and facility. Speaker: Anh, Nguyen Speaker: Loc, Nguyen VnExpress 2011 Giang 2012 Bao Moi 2013 Speaker: Kha, Dinh Speaker: Kha, Dinh Speaker: Kha, Dinh Speaker: Kha, Dinh Speaker: Ngoc, Tran Speaker: Uyen, Mai Speaker: Anh, Nguyen Speaker: Loc, Nguyen Speaker: Ngoc, Tran Action Plan 1. Government Approval Aug
2013 3. Official Implementation Oct
2013 June
2014 June
2013 2. Set-up Preparation
Staffs' Training 4. Evaluation and Maintenance
Performance Management Fomundam & Herrmann 2007 Speaker: Anh, Nguyen Whiteboard Healthcare ID Card Satellite Hospitals Family Doctor Network Multiple-line Queuing Healthcare Assistants Skill-mix Training
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