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The Call of the Wild

No description

shelby farmer

on 15 January 2014

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Transcript of The Call of the Wild

We are showed imagery most evidently when Jack London pulls out the imagery of the moose which symbolizes Buck making the change from the tame sled dog, to a vicious Indian feared beast.
In this chapter you can see evident changes in Buck. Buck yearns to answer the nagging call that rings throughout the timberland.

Shelby Farmer
Jessica Gutierrez
Tyler Holloway
Miriam Diaz
Plot Summary
3. Buck returns to camp and to his horror, he learns that a tribe of Yeehat Indians killed his beloved master-John Thornton-and friends. 4. Buck avenges his master's death by murdering more than half of the Yeehats. Buck then follows a wolf pack into the forest and answers the call of the wild.
Chapter 7
Period 1
Jack London

Plot Summary
The Call of the Wild
1. John Thornton his friends and Buck head East, searching for a place to hunt for the rumored gold.
2. Buck goes away on a hunting spree and makes friends with a wild wolf.
Buck's behavior and his response to the call of the wild is a symbol of survival. His survival of pain as he struggled to proceed with the heavy load on the sled.
During his transformation, he has improved to becoming independent.
This is shown on page 108 as it explains he is a "merciless fanged killer" who "never left his prey".
Buck having nothing to do becomes very "aware of wild yearnings and stirrings" throughout his days at the camp. He began following the call with no findings. "The irresistible impulses seized him" and soon becomes aware of what is causing himself so much anxiety.
Buck is now able to hunt for himself and does what he desires. He has the ability, cleverness, and strength to survive in the wild.
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