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Copy of Open House

No description

Todd Forster

on 20 September 2017

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Transcript of Copy of Open House

​"To provide every student with a world class education." ​
Watch for our web page!
We will have SBAC Assessments in the spring.


Fourth Grade Curriculum
SSR every day

MAP Language Arts Assessment 2 times per year

Parent contact
Parent conference
Loss of privileges
Conference with the
Extra privileges
Free Time
Verbal praise
Extra Computer Time
Extra recess
Rewards & Consequences
* Homework Policy – Maximum 45 minutes for 4th graders
20 min. ind. Reading
Late or unfinished homework/class work is an individual responsibility (impacts grade)
Test reviews will be done in class but may require additional study at home
*Set a time and place for homework

Required Daily:

90 minute Reading
60 minute Math
60 minute Writing


Sentence Structure & Grammar
Narrative, expository, and persuasive writing
4 main components:
Native Americans
European Explorers
Colonial Living
Social Studies

Fourth grade curriculum

*Use notes, email, or call me with questions or concerns
*Web site will keep you updated with important information

8:25-8:40 Arrive on time!
3:00 Pick-ups
3:00 Bus Dismissal
12:50 Half Day
For specific questions and concerns please contact me at 860-464-2780 or tforster@ledyard.net

Please be sure to leave the best email address in order to contact you.
Mr. Forster's Fourth Grade
Same concept written for Common Core testing

The Common Core



Building knowledge through content-rich nonfiction and informational texts

Reading and writing grounded in evidence from text

Regular practice with complex text and its academic vocabulary
The Parents Can


The Students Will

• Spend more time on fewer concepts.
• UNDERSTAND why the math works. MAKE the math work.
• TALK about why the math works
• PROVE that they know why and how the math works
• Apply math in real world situations
• Know which math to use for which situation
• Be able to use core math facts FAST
• Be able to apply math in the real world
Parents Can

Students read a true balance of informational and literary texts.

Elementary school classrooms are, therefore, places where students access the world – science, social studies, the arts and literature – through text.

At least 50% of what students read is informational.

Students will

ELA - English Language Arts

• Read more non- fiction
• Know the ways non- fiction can be put together
• Enjoy and discuss the details of non-fiction
• Get smart in Science and Social Studies through reading
• Handle “primary source” documents
•Re-read, close read
• Read material at comfort level AND work with more challenging stuff
•Unpack text• Handle frustration and keep pushing
• Find evidence to support their arguments
•Form judgments
•Become scholars
• Discuss what the author is “up to”
The Parents Can

ELA – Writing

The Students Will

Students reach strong foundational knowledge and deep conceptual understanding and are able to transfer mathematical skills and understanding across concepts.

• Make arguments in writing using evidence

• Compare multiple texts in writing

•Write well
Students in every state will cover the same curriculum

The Shift to Common Core

Learn more about fewer, key topics

Develop speed and accuracy

Really know it, Really do it

Use it in the real world

Think fast AND solve problems
Read nonfiction texts aloud or with your child
Have fun with nonfiction
Supply series of texts on topics of interest
Find books that explain
Discuss nonfiction texts and the ideas within
Provide more challenging texts AND provide texts they WANT to read and can read comfortably
Show that challenging stuff is WORTH unpacking
Talk about text (Demand evidence in every day discussions/disagreements
Read aloud or read the same book and discuss with evidence
Encourage writing at home

Write "books" together and use evidence/details

Ask your child to DO the math that comes up in your daily life
Make sure your child is thinking about Math in real life
Old state standard testing 4th grade
Details expected in answers
NOTE the rigor in both reading and writing required for a math problem.
Mon. - Library 2:00-2:45, Tue. Art 8:55-9:45,Wed. Computer 9:50-10:40, Thurs. Music 1:05-1:55, Fri. P.E. 10:30-11:20

Send lunch money prior at the beginning of each month! Make sure it has the following filled out:
Lunch and Snacks
*Classroom participation
*Homework/Daily work
*Report cards go home(11/14,
3/20 & 6/14)
- Exceeds current grade level standards
- Meets current grade level standards
- Progress noted toward current grade level standards
- Time and experience required for skill or concept to develop
Numeration, Number Sense, Problem Solving, Data, Multiplication & Division, Patterns & Relationships, Geometry, Fractions, Measurement, Angles, Decimals, Factors & Multiples
Cause and Effect
Fact vs. Opinion
Identify figurative language
Real and make believe
Making inferences/drawing conclusions
Main Idea
Making Predictions
Word meaning in Context
Author’s purpose
Read, Read, Read!

Benchmark Tests: Fall
and Winter

We will continue to focus on the Common Core Standards.

*No toys in school
*Sufficient sleep and an adequate breakfast
Birthdays & Special Occasions. My students LOVE to celebrate anything!
Spelling packets are due every other Friday
*Field Trips:

Mashantucket Pequot Museum
Our first field trip of the year will this fall. Look for the permission slip!
Please keep in mind:
Respect for our students’ privacy is essential. If our students or teachers share information, we ask that you regard this as confidential in and out of school.
All volunteers must complete an application per Board of Ed policy. Those volunteering more than 50 hours/school year also need fingerprints on file in office.

We need a room mom/dad!
Field Trips / classroom activities!
English Language Arts
lunch time

OR pay at myschoolbucks.com
Teacher's name
Place an "X" by
your choice
Your child’s full name
Please be sure to send in a healthy snack and a water bottle!
Science PROCESS / Inquiry
Physical Science:
Properties of matter;
Changes in matter;
Forms of energy
Rocks and minerals
Life Science:
Food chains and
Science and technology
The 5 step writing process:
The 6 traits:
1.Go to http://connected.mcgraw-hill.com/school/e1z4
2.Passwords are given to each student using icons.
3. If your or your child doesn't remember the password, please email me and I will get it to you.

To access your textbooks online
* Written note to the teacher required for alternate dismissal and buses
SignUp Genius will be used to schedule conferences. Look for an email from me!
Juliet W. Long Elementary School
District Initiatives
District Priorities
MAP Assessment (Measure of Academic Progress
Continued Implementation of the Common Core State Standards
SBAC Assessment (Smarter Balanced Assessment Consortium)
Improving school safety
School Priorities
Improving parent communication (especially related to academic achievement)
Improving student behavior (especially in unstructured settings)
Using data to plan appropriate instruction

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