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Persuasive Writing #1

No description

Deidra Combs

on 16 August 2014

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Transcript of Persuasive Writing #1

Have you ever been accused of something you did not do? Remember that moment; in 4-6 sentences describe what you were accused of and how it made you feel.
Read Short Story
The Piece of String by Guy de Maupassant
After reading complete plot activity.
In 4-6 sentences describe yourself. What kind of person are you? Are you trustworthy? When people think of you what do you think they say about you?
Poll Everywhere
My number is 37607!
First group to enter an answer wins a prize, make sure to enter your group name at the end of your response.
Characterization Activity
Fold your paper in half (hamburger style). Then fold in half (hotdog style) twice. Complete this graph. Direct/Indirect columns must contain at least 1 quote from story.
Why oh why?
Why do you think the people did not believe Master Hauchecorne?

Why did they believe Master Malandain?
On a sheet of paper answer these questions in complete sentences.
1. What is persuasion?
2. How can it be used?
3. Are you affected by persuasion?
4. How could knowing and mastering the art of persuasion be helpful to you?
My number is 37607.
First group to enter an answer wins a prize. Make sure to enter your group name at the end of your response.
Syntax in The Piece of String
1. Define syntax (English Language syntax).
2. Define simple sentence.
3. Find an example of a simple sentence from the Short Story, "A Piece of String."
Discussion Activity
Follow directions on hand out!
Rhetorical Triangle
Get out a sheet of paper and take notes on Rhetorical appeals.
Continuing Rhetorical Appeals
Continue taking notes.
OH NO Homework
You have a flipped classroom homework assignment. Make sure to take notes. There will be a quiz over the video.
Exit Ticket
In your own words describe the rhetorical triangle and how it works.
You may save your notes from today and add to them with your homework notes.
Syntax in The Piece of String
1. Define compound sentence.
2. Locate the only example of a compound sentence from the short story, The Piece of String.
Socrative Quiz
Take 2 minutes, talk to your neighbors about the video you watched last night.Make sure you understand all 3 appeals.
The Piece of String
Short Story

Skim/Scan through the short story, find 10 words that you are unfamiliar with and write them down on a sheet of paper and define each.
Based on the title of the short story "A Piece of String," write 3-4 sentences predicting what you think the story will be about.
Do not allow someone to copy your notes, if you do, you both get zeros. When time is up go to www.m.socrative.com, room 81338 and take the quiz. You are the only person allowed to use your notes to take the quiz.

Persuasive Essay Analysis
1. SOTH - Read your essay to your group.
2. Secretary - write down group answers.
3. Each person must contribute to group discussion.
4. Manager your job is to make sure all group members are on task and participating.
Exit Ticket
In a paragraph of at least 7 sentences explain how to write an effective persuasive essay.
Answer these questions thoroughly.

1. How do you feel about school violence?
2. Do you think it is a parent or a schools responsibility to teach students problem solving skills?
3. How should schools handle violence?
Persuasive Essay Analysis
Read examples of persuasive essays and analyze for persuasive elements.
Directions: On a group sheet of paper, answer these questions together. I should hear each person in the group talking, no parasites please.
1. Summarize the article. 3 sentences, beginning, middle, end.
2. What is the claim (or assertion)?
3. What are the grounds? (List all used)
4. Explain how the author creates a warrant. (Links ground to claim or explains why ground is allowed to stand as proof of claim.)
5. How does the author use the rhetorical triangle to persuade? (Ethos, Pathos, Logos)
The Writing Process
Using the steps of the writing process begin writing an essay on this topic:
Write an essay persuading the superintendent of your school on ways to combat school violence.
Use step by step handout.
Writing Workshop
Use metacognative markers as you read.
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