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K-Pop E-Learning structure

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Nicalei ...

on 7 April 2013

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Transcript of K-Pop E-Learning structure

Lesson 2 What is popular culture?
What is Korean popular culture?
Popular culture in your own country?

Attempt to define popular culture / define Korean popular culture. What is meant when talking about Korean popular culture?

Assignment (Deadline 1 week)
Pop culture in your own country? What examples do you find? Similarities, differences to Korean pop culture?

Write a paper on your research and discoveries. Have a look at the other examples uploaded and comment on, at least, one of them. Lesson 1 What do you want to learn in this course?
What do you know about Korean popular culture?

- Presentation of the course content and structure
- Discussing the personal aims of the course

Assignment (Deadline 1 week)
Create a personal “K-pop Page”! Feel free to be creative – referring to the topic. Interesting links, videos, articles. Start with your learning aims and previous knowledge about the topic.

Create a common white board or notice board to share interesting links, articles, videos you found. Korean Popular Culture - E-Learning course

- 6 weeks --> 6 sessions

- Content:

The topic of this course is popular culture, with special focus on Korean pop culture. The aim of this course is to get an deeper insight into the beginnings and current issues regarding K-Pop. Hence, the focus will be on its history, K-Pop as an industry and the impact and effects of K-Pop. Lesson 3 & 4 Where did it all begin?
What influenced South Korea?
What is the Korean Wave?

History of K-Pop
- The beginnings
- American and Japanese influence
- The Korean Wave - Hallyu
- The breakthrough

Assignment (Deadline 2 weeks)
What do you think? What facilitated the rapid growth of K-Pop? If, how is the American and Japanese influence visible? Form groups of two, read through the chapters listed, discuss your opinions and write a report about your agreements and disagreements. Lesson 5 What impacts and effects does K-Pop have on its own country?

K-Pop as an industry
- Trainee system
- Contract scandals
- Plastic surgery

Assignment (Deadline 1 week)
What other current issues regarding K-Pop can be found? What impacts and effects does K-Pop have outside Korea? Do some research and bring your thoughts together in a paper. (Find one article that underlines your opinion, summarize it for your colleagues and integrate it to your paper) Lesson 6 Which cultural specific and/or social elements and/or traditional values are conveyed or can be found in K-Pop? Or do you think there aren't any except for the language?

Confucianism in South Korea

Assignment (Deadline 1 week)
Analyze one Korean drama, an interview with an idol, or some other K-Pop related video and write a paper on your findings. (include why you have chosen that particular drama, video, etc.) E-Learning Course Korean Popular Culture Final assignment Deadline 3 weeks Put your individual papers and reports together to one big paper. Include your findings, discoveries and what you have learned regarding to your personal K-Pop page in that paper.

Comment also on, at least two other pages - what did you like, what attracted your attention - and include that also in your paper!
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