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Symbolism & Allegory

No description

Amy T

on 6 November 2013

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Transcript of Symbolism & Allegory

Symbolism and Allegory

How to find it
Why are Symbolism and Allegory important in literature?
Other terms it affects
The Terms
When finding an allegory look for:
characters whose names represent something else or means the trait they hold in a different language
settings that refer to allusions
simple plot
Symbolism is an important device for writers.
It can be used to provide concepts past the literal explanation or analysis, and these abstract ideas or concepts often make great contributions to a works theme.
* person, place, or thing that comes to represent an abstract idea or concept

** Dove with an olive branch represents peace
* A story, poem, or picture that can be interpreted to reveal a hidden meaning or moral.
*The story as a is a symbol

There are several ways to recognize a symbol in literature. One way is to note how many times an object or character is mentioned in a piece of literature, Another way to find a symbol is to note how much detail is used in describing an object. These two methods give clues that the author wants you to interpret something about a particular object.

* If the symbol is changing, what it represents may change in the future too

* Ex: The tree in front of Melinda's yard has a dying branch. The tree represents Melinda, and the dying branch represents her insecurities. Her father says the entire tree will die soon if the dead branch does not get cut down. Symbolically, this represents that Melinda must get rid of her troubles or she will continue to feel more and more depressed, hinting in the future, she will either heal or become worse.
* every single part of an allegory is made up by symbolism
*the characters, settings, and plot are all symbols
In an allegory, the character is made:
*into a symbol
*with the traits necessary to portray that symbol
In an allegory, the setting is made:
* into a symbol for another place or abstract idea

Allegory makes every scene, plot, & setting signifigant to the overall thing the allegory is trying to represent.
In an allegory the plot is made:
*similar to events that affect the representation
*how a character interacts with a symbol affects the character and how we per percieve him/her

*Ex: A character stepped on an olive branch- an olive branch universally symbolizing peace- we can assume the character dislikes peace, is a trouble maker, ect.
Symbolism in Film
Allegories are used to convey deeper meanings, even morals, and are commonly found in fables and parables.
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