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SSR Project

the game of life for New English Literature

Sammy Salustri

on 18 October 2012

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Transcript of SSR Project

A journey through New England Sammy Salustri LIFE Abby Mautsusaka Jesse Cai Hannah Markovic Katie Grant Jackie Suarez The game of START GREEN TEAM BLUE TEAM PURPLE TEAM Chad Harbach Louisa May Alcott Richard Russo Sylvia Plath Elizabeth Strout Dennis Lehane Regional Qualifying Round Welcome to the New England Regional Qualifying Round! Today three teams will go head to head for the chance to move and compete in the National Scholastic Championship. Before we begin, lets meet our authors. FINISH Caught outside in a harsh winter storm. Move forward 1 space to avoid damage. BUY A HOUSE Decide where to locate your new house. It must have a similar setting as your books. GET
MARRIED BLUE TEAM Move Forward 2 spaces Compare your characterization methods. Congratulations! You've just won an all expense paid trip to beautiful New England. Experience the wonder of the autumn forest. Watch this short clip as a preview. Stuck on the wrong side of the river. In order to pass, describe how rivers (and water) are an important symbol in your book. Choose Career What influences the protagonist's journey in the book? What path does he take? Have a family reunion. Describe how family and friendship is an important theme within your book. COLLECT A LIFE TILE Have mid-life crisis. Tell about your struggle with depression. COLLECT A LIFE TILE RETIREMENT Compare common themes and symbols between your books
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