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"The Raven" Flow Map

By: Carter Stengel

Carter Stengel

on 1 November 2012

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Transcript of "The Raven" Flow Map

"The Raven" 1st Stanza Summary A man is sitting and reading when he hears a knock at his chamber door. He thinks it is just a visitor and he just clears his mind that it is something scary. 2nd Stanza Summary He is remembering his lost love, Lenore, and he morns for her death. He wishes he could have her back. 3rd Stanza Summary The narrator starts to get scared when the curtains start to move and hear the tapping at his door, he tries to think that it is a visitor late at night. 4th Stanza Summary The narrator apologizes for "not answering sooner." His "excuses" were,

*He was "napping", *and he said that they knocked so softly he couldn't hear them. 5th Stanza Summary When he opened the door, nothing was there... The narrator peers around to see if he can find the visitor who was tapping at his chamber door. When hear the word, "Lenore," he is confused and says back, "Lenore?" 6th stanza Summary The speaker then starts to hear a really loud tapping at his window. He starts to get really scared and says, "it is just the wind." 7th Stanza Summary When he opens the shutters, a black raven flies right into his house. The raven just flies onto the bust of Pallas. The raven though meant evil and death. 8th Stanza Summary The narrator asks the raven, "What is your name?" He keeps on asking until the raven says, "Nevermore." 9th Stanza Summary The narrator starts to get amused because the keeps on saying "Nevermore," this starts to amuse the narrator because that is not a name. He also starts to think that it is one of the neighbors pets. 10th Stanza Summary FLOW CHART The raven sits still on the bust, starring at the narrator. The narrator then asks the the raven if he will leave by the morrow. The bird replies, "Nevermore," which means that the raven is not leaving. HW 11th Stanza Summary The narrator thinks that the raven learned the word nevermore from an unfriendly master. Where he was constantly having really bad luck and the only word the master ever said were maybe the word, "Nevermore." 12th Stanza Summary The narrator next is smiling at the bird. He moves his his chair over in front of the bust of Athena and looks at the bird smiling. He is surprised that a random bird would just fly in and sit down not scared of anything. 13th Stanza Summary 14th Stanza Summary 15th Stanza Summary When the narrator asks the raven if he will ever see Lenore again, it responds, "Nevermore," and that gets him mad. He calls it a thing of the devil. Afterward he asks if there is any balm in Gilead. The raven replies, "Nevermore." The narrator still is sitting in his chair thinking why the bird only says nevermore. He was also scared, the raven's "fiery" eyes burned inside the narrators bosoms core. The raven was actually looking inside of his thoughts! The narrator starts to wonder what smells. We think that it is gthe perfume coming from Lenore's chair. He also wants to forget Lenore by taking nepenthe. The raven though says, "Nevermore" 16th Stanza Summary The narrator now, again is taking to the raven in a very mean voice, it will only drive his anger up even more! He now asks though if he will ever be with Lenore again, the raven responds, "Nevermore." 17th Stanza Summmary The narrator get stirred up about this comment from the bird and literally goes mad on the raven, he says get off of my dooor now! The raven says, "Nevermore." 18th Stanza Summary The narrator then takes about how the raven is still sitting on the bust of Pallas. The raven's eyes still stare at the ground dreaming, and shall be lifted, nevermore. Is this Legit? The narrator smiles at the raven when it is on the narrator's chair. Not Legit! Lets fly to see the stanzas!
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