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No description

ho suet chin

on 10 March 2014

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Transcript of SMART WATCH

The function of smart watches....
Replacing smart phones?
What is a smart watch??
Personal Digital Assistant Electronic Devise (PDAED)
smart phone + computer + watch
Digital information transfer

Top 10

Breakthrough Technology 2013

Rising popularity!!!

Example of smart watch includes..
Pebble ,Toshia & iWatch

Early Model
Calculators + translation + game playing
Black and white screen

Modern one
Connect to smartphone via bluetooth or wifi
Run mobile application.
Playback of FM radio, audio and video files.
Partial of them can make phone call.
Also have camera, thermometer and other features.
HD retina display screen
What Are the Impact of Smart watches?
Social Impact
Facilitate intimate inter-personal relations
Extremely convenient
Catalyze Globalization
Overcoming time-space barrier
Information transfer simultaneity

Sweat Factories
In Less developed countries
Labours’ rights and freedom doomed
Long working hours
Poor working condition
Low payment
further reduce face to face/ direct communication
Environmental impacts
Carry around property
allow the exposure to sunlight
Making solar energy possible
Clear and eco-friendly power source

Reduce the electricity!

Most of them can’t run as standalone devices
Small screen- Harder to do thing like playing games and watching videos etc.
Most functions of smart watch overlap smart phone watch
artificial intelligence features
large storage capacity
7-day lasting battery

great invention
muti-functional &easy to carry
improvement needed
may become more popular in future

Smartwatch. Wikipedia. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Smart_Watch. Retrieved on 3/3/2014.
10 BREAKTHROUGH TECHNOLOGIES 2013. MIT Technology Review. http://www.technologyreview.com/featuredstory/513376/smart-watches/ Retrieved on 3/3/2014.
Pebble E-Paper Watch For iPhone, Android Review
Pebble E-Paper Watch For iPhone, Android Review

the END~
Why purchase smart watch?
Accessibility- Check time and notification right from your wrist.
Harder to loose.
Enhance smartphone use.
Much longer battery life than smartphone.
Phone finder function.

In occasion like...
Cycling: Act like a bike computer.
Running/Jogging: Act as a timer, and track body status,
easily control music playing.
When your hands are full, easy to see caller’s ID.

Some great feature
improvement needed to be made
can foresee that standalone smartwatches
may be able to replace smart phones
Topic Description
Our presentation will focus on smartwatches, one of the breakthrough technologies in 2013. It is expected to bring dramatic changes to information transfer. We are going to use Pebble as an example to illustrate the functions of a smartwatch.

Pebble is the leading smartwatch in the market and it is ‘wearable computer’ coming to life. Using Bluetooth to connect wirelessly to an Android or iPhone, it allows people to have a quick glance of emails, weather forecast, etc. on its black-and-white LCD screen (1) with their phones in their pockets.

Smart watches do not only bring convenience to us, but other impacts, too. We will comment on its sustainability based on its design. Its social and economic impacts will also be covered. Apart from that, we will also analyze the potential of smart watch replacing smart phones due to its multi-function and easy-to-carry characteristics.

Hao Ran BAO
Ho Suet CHIN
Chung Yan TSUI
Ernest Francis YU

Group Members:
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