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No description

Andrew Villa

on 6 May 2010

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Transcript of Pokemon

Pokémon What is Pokemon? Pokemon is a children's based media franchise
owned by Nintendo and created in 1996.
It became the second most successful video game
franchise after the Mario series'. Concept Pokemon has a variety of concepts. These include collecting all Pokemon, finshing your Pokedex, and becoming the....
ULTIMATE POKEMON MASTER. Anime Series The anime and film series follows the main character,
Ash Ketchum, along with a group of friends, who
travel around the fictious world of Pokemon. It consists
of their adventures of training and earning badges. Trading Card Game The Pokemon Trading Card Game is a collectible game with the goal of becoming the strongest. Players use their cards, with certain strengths and weaknesses, to knock out your opponent. The game was first published in 1999. In Popular Culture Pokemon left its mark on pop culture. They appeared on the cover of the U.S. magazine Time, in 1999. Spoofs of Pokemon appeared on various shows such as South Park, The Simpsons, and the Grim Adventures of Billy & Mandy. In 2001, Nintendo opened a store called Pokemon Center. There was also an airplane designed with various Pokemon on it.
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