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The Transposition Revolution

No description

Carmen Lagunes

on 6 March 2014

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Transcript of The Transposition Revolution

How it changed the life of people.
After WWI middle class people could afford to buy a car.
Roads were been built and people started to move into suburbs.
Easy to get to work and travel.
Had to get used to stopping at a gas station.
Transportation in the 20's
Railroad Transportation
Impact on today's society
Henry Ford 

1920's was a big era for automotive history.

Automobile industry developed and improved North American economy.
In 1903 Henry Ford established the Ford motor company.
Henry Ford invented the assembly line to produce more vehicles. This system is used to produce cars today.
Introduced Ford Model T in 1908,
technologies brought car to the
average person because of
its low cost.
By Carmen, Kimberly, Luis and Alex
The Transportation Revolution
Trains changed industry, human expansion, and the way we travel on a daily basis.
Trains enabled us to develop our civilization.
Far way places became almost instantly reachable
Trains are used in a variety of ways from small city trams, subway electric trains, to high-speed bullet trains
To this day people use trains daily to get from one place to another being close or far
Now a days everyone has a car and everyone can get to where they want to go easier and much faster.
Boats were still being used to carry people and goods from country to country
Passenger ships were made to be more appealing and comfortable for traveling
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