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Accidents/Illness of family member

No description

Frank Gore

on 10 October 2012

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Transcript of Accidents/Illness of family member

Affects of Illness
and Injury car accidents leaves family with grief and despair
can take away a family members confidence on the road sadness and anger are common responses to grief of car accidents illness can cause a major
strain on the victim's family accidents can cause death each person plays a specific role, an illness can disrupt the whole functioning of the family others may have to alter their lifestyle and take on roles that a sick family member previously did leaving children feeling like there is no time for them anymore in some instances an illness can
bring a family closer but in other
cases the slightest sickness can
cause major stress within it. How children cope illnesses tend to leave children with emotional distress, behavior problems and lower self-esteem if not told what is going on children tend to imagine the worst, they may believe a sick parent no longer has any love or interest for them parents should explain to a child what is happening while keeping the information in terms they can understand communication is key a parent must inform the child with the truth of what is occurring and give the children time to ask any questions they have. Making sure they know the issues are not their fault. Children need to be taught to cope with their feelings. They need to learn they are not alone and the only ones that are dealing with a family member's illness or injury. Children fear being left alone or dealing with a painful procedure like getting shots. They can be exposed to scary machines that are large and make strange noises. They may even worry about dying. Hospitals are full of strangers and of different smells. Living with a childhood illness may include dealing with pain from tests or side effects of medications the child needs to take. Chronic illness may interrupt learning because of absences from school. Chronic illness puts financial, emotional and physical strain on the family. siblings may not get as much attention as the ill or injured children. The ill child may feel guilty for hurting the family or causing stress in the family. in a family of 4 the CDC
says that at least one person
in the family suffers from a
mental illness
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