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How Does Geography Influence Human Culture, Beliefs, Values

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Bobcat Lynx

on 31 January 2015

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Transcript of How Does Geography Influence Human Culture, Beliefs, Values

How Does Geography Influence Human Culture, Beliefs, Values, Eating Habits, etc?
The geography changed how Canadians valued things quite a lot. Canada had many beavers and coyotes, but when the European travelers came, beaver and coyote pelts were a fashion, which means they were important, which means they were valued. Metals, especially in the forms of tools and weapons, were also very valuable for the First Nations because they did not have them. They did not have them because the geography did not entirely provide these metals.
Human Culture
Human Culture was influenced by the geography, for example vikings believed in different gods, like Loki and Tor. They believed in these gods because they wanted an explanation to why there was land, water and sky. They started to make stories of an Earth god, a Sun god, Forest god, and Ocean gods.
Canada used to be full of forests, lichen, and berries; like blueberries, raspberries, huckleberries, cherries, Saskatoon berries, and many more. The First Nations people boiled lichen to make soup, used edible tree leaves for salads, and ate all of the edible berries they could find.
Eating Habits
Human Culture is almost like the "Big Circle" because everything in this Prezi falls into this category. For example, eating habits, because that is the kind of way the culture eats, like being vegetarian. Beliefs are also culture, because different cultures have different things they believe in.
The English people used to think that if you traveled far enough, you would fall off the edge of the world. They thought of this because since the land was flat, and seemed to never end, they thought it was possible to fall out of the world. They never knew the Earth was round because the people were scared to reach the end of the world (if there really was an edge). They also had never traveled to space to see how round the earth was. Nowadays, we know that our Earth is round and circular.
The geography changed what kind of meat there is on the land because if you have a desert type of land, you will have desert type of animals, therefore changing what the meat was. If it is a jungle area, it will have more jungle animals.
The geography changes the types of vegetation there is on the land because if you have a desert type of land, you will have desert type of plants, therefore changing what the vegetation was . If it is a jungle area, it will have more jungle plants.
Transportation changed for geography because different landscapes are good or different types of transportation. For example, we needed a train (now called the Canadian Pacific Railway) to go through the forests and mountains. Another way was that the First Nations people used wagons pulled by horses to go through the plains and forests.
The different landforms attracted different animals. In the colder areas, caribou and bison came. In the wetter areas, beavers and waterfowl and fish lived. In the more forested grasslands, came rabbits, deer, wolves, coyotes, bears, and rodents, thus providing many different types of meat to eat from.
Just so you know...
The geography had a big impact on people's shelter. Some of the places had many forests, so the people made shelter, like huts and longhouses out of tree wood. Also, forests attract many animals, so sometime the First Nations Peoples would make teepees out of their skins.
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