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Detectives Stories

This is a collection of amazing short stories created by a group of Cultura Inglesa Plus 4 students.

andreia ferreira

on 23 April 2010

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Transcript of Detectives Stories

The Nightmare
Although he had already tried to sleep again many times, he couldn´t fall asleep. He got a glass of water and decided to watch tv in the living room. It was completely insane, how could he understand the fact that every night at the same time he has the same dreams, worse than that, he has the same terrible nightmare. Short Stories Great Creations! The photograph

She had recognised him immediately. It was one of those faces that once you´ve seen it you won´t forget it never more. The man had been walking for over an hour and then he had finally returned to her store...

A man windowshopping

It was not the first time Annie had seen that old wrinkled face. The man had visited the shop regularly since she started working there. The curious fact had drawn all the staff´s attention and even the owner of the place was intriguied by that silent strange creature.
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