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The Fennec Fox By Aidan Johnson

No description

Elizabeth Harris

on 11 March 2016

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Transcript of The Fennec Fox By Aidan Johnson

The Fennec Fox
Physical Description
Live up to 10 years in the wild desert.
Desert fox can see clearly in the darkness so it can catch it's prey.
Long ears to get rid of excess heat.
Comes out at night to avoid heat of the day.
Good hearing help it to find prey underground and hear predators.
Small fox's weight is 1.5KG and it's length is 25 - 30cm long.
Thick Soft long fur insulates body at night.
A Fennec fox will dig burrow underground and typically sleeps there during the day when it's hottest.
Dry region North Africa.
In the wild they eat fruit, leaves, roots, small rodents, Bird, bird eggs, lizards and insects.
At the zoo they eat canned protein and crickets.
Fennec fox lives in the hot and dry desert.
Also uses long tail to keep warm.
Burrows are at the base of hills where more likely to find moisture/water.
Burrows deep and long for protection.
Desert grasses and light scrub Vegetation is used by Fennec fox to build it's den.
Fennec foxes have extremly large ears that help them to keep cool in the hot desert. The ears also enable the fox hear pery that may be hiding underground or far way. eat what they find. live in groups 10 individuals. Males fight over females for breeding. Females aggressive and defend their young. Males stay at the den to protect after young are born. Mate for life. have 2-5 cubs. both male and female to help rear cubs.
Special features
Fennec foxes are often kept as pets and will also be hunted in the wild for their furs. They even have fur on the bottem of their feet which helps to protect them from hot sand.
Nocturnal rests in day awake at night [cooler] to hunt. -[Hot]
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