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Copy of Grace Coyle

No description

on 25 September 2013

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Transcript of Copy of Grace Coyle

Grace Coyle
Bachelors degree 1914- Wells Lake College
Certificate from New York School of Philanthropy 1915
Masters in Economics 1928
Doctoral in Sociology 1931- Columbia University
Born on March 22, 1892
Originally from North Adams, Massachusetts
Parents John and Mary Coyle
Dad was minister
Single women and lived in Cleveland
Who is Grace Coyle?
While Teaching Coyle established the first group work course taught at a college in Cleveland.
Uniting group and case work benefits the client more
Also wrote many books
President of the National Conference of Social Work- 1940
President of the American Association of Social Workers-1942
Counsil on Social Work Education 1958-1960

How she shaped Social Work
Known for her development of the scientific approach to group work practice
Her writings and speeches contributed to the acceptance of group work as a social work method
First to develop a scientific approach to group work practice
Social Process in Organized Groups (1930)
studies in group Behavior (1937)
Group Experienes and Democratic Values (1947)
Social Science in the Professional Education of Social Workers (1958)
Group Work with American Youth (1948)
Started working in settlement houses (Both youth and adult) in PA and NY.
Served locally and nationally for the YWCA (young womens christian association)
1934-1962 taught at the school of applied social sciences (Western Reserve University)

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