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Organization management lessons from Chak de INDIA

No description

Pooja Mittal

on 4 September 2014

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Transcript of Organization management lessons from Chak de INDIA

Organization management lessons from Chak de INDIA
Decisions Making
Reluctant decisions
Rational Decisions
Strategic Decisions
Intuitive Decisions
Motivation concepts
Group Behavior
shifting from formal to informal
Social identity theory
Prominence of 5 stage theory
Group-think and group polarization
Status hierarchy as per experience
General strengths and weaknesses of group evident in the team
Need for conformity
Emotion and Moods
Plethora of emotions-disappointment, anger, frustration, anguish, happiness
Emotions having both positive and negative effects
Affect intensity
Illusory correlation
Surface acting

Understanding team work
Team acted like a work-team and not a work group
Team goal vs individual goals
Team conflicts with high organizational demography
Each team member should be clear about individual responsibilities and contributions
Theory X- Bindia Naik
Theory Y- Vidya Sharma
Social learning theory
Self efficacy theory
Goal setting theory

Ability to influence group towards the achievement of a vision or set of goals
Production oriented leadership
Transformational leadership
Charismatic leadership
Authentic leader
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Ashwin- 14pgdm008
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