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Summer Scholar Final Presentation 2013

Our pictures, sketches, notes, and remnants from our time at Hanbury Evans Wright Vlattas + Company in Norfolk VA during the Summer of 2013

Ellen Hart

on 12 August 2013

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Transcript of Summer Scholar Final Presentation 2013

Summer Scholars 2013
HEWV | June 1 - August 9
hey there!
Ben Hamilton
University of Cincinatti
Team 4
Yichen Zhu
University of Pennsylvania
Team 3
Ellen Hart
University of Illinois
Team 2
sketching + graphics month
This summer we really enjoyed sketching around town, and participating in the events during graphics month.

We went field sketching (even in the heat!), and sketched during our scholar trip (and a little at the airport).
ideal student
As a part of the University of Chicago project, we were given the prompt of researching and identifying aspects and activities of a college student's experience within a typical student room.

After identifying issues within the student room, we researched solutions and reorganized layouts to maximize the capabilities of a student room.
Mary Washington
One Wednesday we traveled to Mary Washington's campus and toured the in-progress building.

folded structure
This summer the office re-design has been on everyone's mind. One thing that has been mentioned numerous times is the lack of collaboration spaces within the office. As architects, you design so many spaces for collaboration, study, inspiration, and social activity; yet HEWV lacks such spaces in its office.

We decided to create a semi-covered space in the under-utilized table space on the second floor. Our folded structure encloses the space. Images of what the office is working on, and what what other firms are working on provide conversation starters and ideas.

around norfolk
Yang and Suping volunteered to take the three of us to Charlottesville, VA to tour the University of Virginia campus and a local winery one Saturday in June. It was a beautiful day to see the impressive architecture and Virginia landscape.

Afterwards we stopped in Williamsburg for some authentic Chinese cuisine.
rural studio
For our scholar trip we traveled to rural Alabama and visited, toured, and worked at Auburn University's Rural Studio.

We spent 3 days at Rural Studio and saw some incredible projects. The focus of the program is to provide great architecture to those who need it most. The program has a strong emphasis on using found objects to construct and enhance these student-led design-build projects.

A big shout out to the wonderful Abbie for being our tour guide! And thanks to Anna and Mark for accompanying us on our awesome trip!

We had a great summer!
Here are a few more highlights:

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