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How technology affects consumerism

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Alexia Rangel

on 22 May 2015

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Transcript of How technology affects consumerism

To consume is to buy, consumerism is just the act it. Like most things, consumerism can become a small problem in our lives.

People buy everyday items and sometimes buy them when they don't need them. This wastes products, your money, and it becomes addictive. Consumerism happens by jealousy, greed, and even just the need, but how did technology help?
Shows and Fans
Have you ever been completely obsessed with a person from a show so much that anything they like, you would be determined to like too? Celebrities, Stars, and more have their opinions just like us. The more we like them, the more we want to be like them. Once they approve something, others might go and buy it right after.
Movies and Series
Movies and series causing consumerism is similar to the Shows and Fans way of creating it. Its by liking something or someone a lot. People who love a specific movie might love to buy a shirt with something
related to the movie. For
Example, a Harry Potter
fan would love to get
a wand even though
it not that useful. The
same goes with series
and episodes.
The Social Life
Even though media has a big role in consumerism, the real world still makes a change. If you see someone you hate getting a lot of attention because of some new expensive shoes she bought, you might be tempted to getting even better shoes. Maybe its just an addiction you get, buying all those hats. Maybe you just can't choose. Whatever your reason is, you still end up buying something you don't need.
Consumerism can't stop until you notice the problem. Once you do, its up to you to fix your ways. Media still has many ways that its expanding and convincing. So before you buy some hat or a pair of shoes, ask yourself this.

Do you really need it to survive??
Advertisements are probably one of the most common ways people start to buy. You would be sitting in the living room, watching TV, when this advertisement for Geico pops up. With the funny jokes and special offers, it lures people into buying the insurance! Advertisements can be anywhere you look. In your phone, TV, laptop, and even the billboards beside the streets. They all bring you to the stores with sales, offers, quality, comparison, and more.
How technology affects
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