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Industrial Revolution - A 1

For this Presentation you will take the canvas, add to it and create your own path to tell your own story.

Molly Smith

on 13 April 2010

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Transcript of Industrial Revolution - A 1

Britain's Experience Silas Marner spinning jenny coal deposits railroads mercantilism Population BOOM Shows the impact of the IR. Think of when Silas
returns to his old hometown. -example of how technology became more
more accessible
-many people had one
-made life easier -steam engines becoming popular
-made national trade easier -an important way to power machinery (esp. trains)
-mining - new type of economy
-since deposits were in England, it made sense that
the Revolution would start there. -increased wealth and production
-at the time, it wasn't necessarily
a bad thing. -England had many natural resources
to export, making them successful and
powerful economically.
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