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So what is Prezi? How can we use it optimally?

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Anjali Rajshekhar

on 1 February 2012

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Transcript of So what is Prezi? How can we use it optimally?

Hello Everyone! Welcome to Prezi So where were we? Lets begin with what you can do with Prezi 1 2 3 We can write text We can insert photos We can watch videos! Even from youtube Power Point Presentation VS Prezi on the other hand ... 4 Create paths and structure Slide 1 Slide 2 Slide 3 Linear path that takes you from one slide to the other Whiteboard Sturcture Brainstorming Mind Map You can empahsis the little things Focus And see the big picture Non Linear Path Coorelate and connect Topics, visuals and flow Interactive manner So whats great about Prezi? Create Engaging Visual Memorable Choose your own path Move off track to add Limitations? Overusing the zoom function can make it
Difficult to understand
Nauseating Best part is that its free and its online! Not meant for all types of presentations Does not have a lot of choices Relatively big sizes than a powerpoint presentation Requires internet to view on the Prezi website Offline presentations require flash reading software Tips and Tricks Zoom into screen shots Create an eye catching map Group and Layer to avoid panning and confusion Thoughts Action Plan 1 2 3 Execution!! :) Now for a quick tutorial?
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