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Character Archetypes Father- Son Conflict

No description

ranya taher

on 20 September 2013

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Transcript of Character Archetypes Father- Son Conflict

Name of product: Oatmeal Crisp

Slogan : "Too delicious to share "
Camera angle : Eye level
Type of shot : Medium shot
Camera Movement: Zoom lenses
Color: Normal
Lighting :Average
Point of View: an observer ( audience )
Setting : In the morning , Home Garage
Composition: Acceptable arrangement and combination of parts or elements .
Characters: Father and two children , boy and a girl , normal family .
Symbol : The car symbolizes his escaping and hiding place from his children.
The commercial is aimed for for no certain type of people , but it does encourage families .

What kind of people are in the commercial?
Father , and kids ( Family )

How are they dressed ?
They are dressed in Pajamas (Casual)

What is their posture ? Natural , family appeal , and comical .
The commercial copy claims to be healthy and delicious , its healthy because of the white check mark on the cereal box , which it means it's whole grain. The emotions that appeal in the commercial are family , and father's overwhelming desire for Oatmeal Crisp .
Father - son Conflict Archetype
e) The music that's chosen in the commercial is a type of classical music , which is an excellent blend with the commercial . Music is very important for
advertisement , because it has a great effectiveness for advertising , since it makes the commercial more memorable , and ability to evoke an emotion with .
g) In modern world, its a tradition for families to have a breakfast together in order for parents to stay in touch with their kids , share news , and show their affection. However in this commercial the father tend to hide in the car to eat Oatmeal Crisp by himself, because he doesn't want his kids to finish it , since its too delicious to share . This will eventually result in conflict between the father and the son .Because the father had disappointed the son by not sharing his cereal and not letting him inside the car which will build up tension due to the father separation from the kids just for the Cereal , which reinforces the Archetype of Father -Son Conflict .
The Oatmeal Crisp cereal won't change person's life , but might change person traditions and way of life . Eating it for breakfast everyday might increase the tension between the father and the son , since the father won't share any with his kids , therefore it would change their tradition of eating together in the morning . The commercial is the opposite of the family traditions of eating breakfast together.
A man's relationship with his father is one of the most important
realtionship in his life. Fathers are supposed to teach the manly arts , to always be there as life mentor , who lovingly guide them into manhood . Additionally that's what every boy hopes for. In real life the relationship between father and son rarely so simple . Sometimes Fathers exit their sons lives or the other way around due to the conflicts they had to challenge , but some will eventually meet each other again . Father-Son Conflict is the relationship where the tension is built due to separation form childhood or some other source when the two meet as men .
ELF 2003
Thirty years earlier to the events of the film, a baby crawls into Santa's sack at an orphanage. Santa accidentally takes the baby back to the North Pole, where he was raised by Elves . The baby's name is Buddy , and will eventually go look for his father in N.Y city , and finds him . His father had forgotten about him and has new wife and son . Buddy struggles to connect with his father so he can like him. However conflicts and tension results due to the long separation from each other , which demonstrates Father-son Conflict .
Nemo challenges his father orders and rules and swims to the open sea and touches the boat , due to the tension that's built in Nemo toward his father . Also he's tired of his father's treatment , and want's to live like a normal fish.
Nemo's father who's a clown fish named Marlin , is very strict , cautious , always thinking negative , and puts fear in his son
After his son is captured in the Great Barrier Reef and taken to Sydney, the clown fish sets out on a journey to bring him home. The cause of the separation is the father's treatment to Nemo , however he learns from his mistakes during his journey and outcome many obstacles and conflicts , to save his son . At the end Nemo and his father meet again, which portrays the archetype of father - Son Conflict .
Conclusion :
The Archetype of Father-Son Conflict , is being demonstrated in our daily lives through movies , commercials , and any source of media . The Archetype help us to have a better understanding of a characters , and situations , and to unlock many beneficial perspectives and pieces of knowledge from knowing archetypes.
Quiz !
what's the name of the cereal ?
What is the slogan of the cereal ?
List the two movies that demonstrate the archetype of Father-Son Conflict ?
what type of music was played in the cereal commercial ?
How is a man relationship with his father is
one of the most important relationships in his life ?
what is the purpose of music in commercials and movies ?
Define father-Son Conflict ?
What is the purpose of understanding Archetypes ?
Where can we find examples of Archetypes?
The Reflection on culture and social expectations .
Music Effectiveness
Reform Behaviour and Change Ways of Living
Claims and Emotions
Movie Trailer
Movie Clip
Archetype in
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