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Who Killed The Benny Paret ?

No description

Kipu Rajkarnikar

on 12 September 2013

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Transcript of Who Killed The Benny Paret ?

Who Killed Benny Paret ?
Norman Cousins

Group Members
Arjun Basnet
Dipika Rajkarnikar
Ravina Kunwar
Author says
Don't blame the referee
Don't blame the Fight Manager
Don't blame the doctor
Blame people who pay to see a man get hurt.
Blame people who want to see knockouts.
About the Author
About Benny Paret
About the Essay
Style and Structure
The interview with Mike Jacobs
Looked simple
sounded like a colossus when talking about prize fights.
Believed the key of successful promoting was pleasing the crowd.
People come to see knockouts
they come to see a man hurt.

Norman Cousins
born in June 24, 1915
Union City, New Jersey, United States
About the Author
Theodore Roosevelt High School
Teachers College, Columbia University
Journalism writing, New York Evening Post
As a book critic, Current History Magazine (1935)
Joined The Saturday Review (1940)
Declared Editor-In-Chief, The Saturday Review(1942)
Served there from 1942 – 1978
He died in November 30, 1990

Books by Norman Cousins
About The Essay
Who Killed Benny Paret?

Referee - Should he have stopped the match earlier?
The Doctors : Was Paret really Fit to fight?
The Manager – Did he give enough time for Paret to recover from his previous match?
The Opponent – for he should have stopped as Paret didn’t respond to his punches?
Style and Structure
Cause and effect essay
Multiple cause lead to One Effect
(Effect- Death of Paret)
Main Cause - Paret was hit hard on the head
Contributory cause
referee didn't act in the right time
the doctor examining the physical fitness of fighters
Manager's act of rushing Paret to the fight.
People who come to see a man get hurt.
Benny Paret's Death
It was his last fight, with Emile Griffith.
In the twelfth round, Griffith hit 29 consecutive punches on the head
Paret went in coma
And died after 10 days in hospital
Bernardo Paret ( Benny “the Kid” Paret )
Born in March 14, 1937
Santa Clara, Cuba
Cuban Welterweight Boxer
Won the title twice in early 1960’s.

Benny Paret
Eventhough, the main cause was that Paret was hit hard on his head several times.
And the Author says the primary responsibilty lies with the people who pay to see a man get hurt.
All of the mentioned causes were equally responsible in the death of Paret.
Thesis Statement
A young man by the name of Benny Paret was killed in the ring. The killing was seen by millions; it was on television. In the twelfth round he was hit hard in the head several times, went down, was counted out, and never came out of the coma.
The title : Raises Curiosity
Thesis: A strong argument
It isn't a good way to test boxing skills
Physical danger to boxers
Emphatic order
Author tells the strongest cause at the end.
The Eleanor Roosevelt Peace Award in 1963
The United Nations Peace Medal in 1971
The inaugural Helmerich Award in 1985
The Niwano Peace Prize in 1990.

Emile Griffith
(Opponent in Benny's Last match)
Investigates the causes of boxer's ( Benny Paret's) death
A lifetime record of 35 wins (11 knockouts), 12 losses and 3 draws.
Died in April 3rd, 1962
Benny Paret
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