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Sexuality and Capitalism

Intro Lecture

Aniruddha Maitra

on 26 January 2013

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Transcript of Sexuality and Capitalism

QUEERNESS How does queerness relate to commodity capitalism? PLEASURE AND PROFIT Sexual labor INTERSECTIONALITY STUDYING THE RELATIONSHIPS AND INTERDEPENDENCE BETWEEN CATEGORIES OF DIFFERENCE--LIKE RACE, CLASS, GENDER, SEXUALITY, RELIGION, CASTE, BODILY AND/OR PSYCHIC IMPAIRMENT. MIGRATION migration as THE motor of global capitalism TECHNOLOGY Developments in biology, medicine, and communications. HACU-0157-1 Sexuality and Capitalism Laborer as commodity Patriarchy How is sexual labor organized in patriarchy? How does heterosexual marriage relate to sexual labor? Why does "sex" sell? REGULATION PRODUCES DESIRE AS COMMODITY Is queerness anti-capitalist? John D'Emilio: Capitalism produced gay "identity." Roderick Ferguson: Capitalism produces a queer "excess" it cannot control. WHAT IS "QUEER" DESIRE? MISOGYNY TRANSPHOBIA CLASS OPPRESSION What does "queer desire" mean when difference is overdetermined? What can trans and intersex experiences, queer of color critique and queer disability theory tell us about intersectional modes of oppression? the global sex industry--governance feminism v. pro-legalization activism queer migration--immigration laws, experiences and their differential impact on sexual identities and practices of migrants "feminization" of labor: hypervisibility and invisibility agency and control identity and hybridity individual and the social the erotic and the economic How have technologies like HRT, surgery, and psychotherapy shaped sexual and gendered identities? Is technology "actualizing" desires and identities? Or is technology disciplining them into new norms? Transgender and Intersex Studies Transnationalism Disability Studies Instructor:
Ani TAs: Riko and Gaines renrenre rgfjogjfogf
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