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Temporary Title

No description

Carly Rysdon

on 24 April 2014

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Transcript of Temporary Title

Sleepover Proposition
Our Proposal
Emma's parents are going to Rapid city leaving her home alone.
We would like to have Emma Bankers over to the Rysdon residence from the dates of Friday the 25th to the date of Sunday the 27th.

Emma and I
As you know Emma and I have been friends for a very long time, since my first grade year to be exact.
Throughout elementary and middle school is was easy to keep in contact because she was only just a few classrooms away.
Sadly this is no longer the case.
Emma now attends Lincoln High and it is incredibly difficult to stay in contact with her.
Although we talk on facebook, seeing each other in real life proves more of a challenge.
And Furthermore...
Having Emma in the house has a 68% improval rate on Carly's overall mood.
*happiness levels have balanced out at around 20% Carly is currently relying on her acting abilities to make it through the day
There is an extra hand to help out with dishes and such.
Emma is Lord of the Rings friendly!
Happiness of the middle child Carly has been
steadily declining at a rapid rate over the
past week. Having Emma stay the weekend
is sure to bring the happiness levels back up
*Carly will also make one fancy dinner for Dawn and
Scott upon request for a special "date night" in at any
time. (offer valid past this weekend)
The Grades Situation
At the moment I have 3 classes with A's.
Sadly I also have 2 classes with C's.
GeoGraphics- 81.2%
Bio Lit- 78.1%
Although I have a 100% average on all my assignments there have been some confusing tasks.
Also we have presentations coming up very soon so there have not been many things assigned to us so it has been difficult to raise my grades.

Carly Rysdon
Emma Bankers
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