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One Crazy Summer

No description

on 21 October 2013

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Transcript of One Crazy Summer

One Crazy Summer
BY: Rita Williams-Garcia
Emily Ansley
October 18,2013
Period 1

Exposition- The book is about three sisters Delphine, Vonetta, and Fern. The three girls are going to California to see their mom they have not seen forever. When the girls meet their mom she is not a nice mom. Rising action - In the mornings the girls go to a center that the Black Panthers put together. They take a class to learn about the Black Panthers and their history. The girl's mother has not brought them anywhere interesting, so the girls decided to go to San Fransico for the day. The girls had a wonderful time on their adventure. CLIMAX- After the girls got some food to bring home for dinner there are police cars in their front yard. Their mom and a couple of other Black Panthers were arrested. The girls have to stay at a friend's house for seven days.FALLING ACTION- The girls go to rally that they are in for the Back Panthers. The girls see that their mom was out of jail. That night Celia is the mom, and she tells Delphine about her life and how it was a hard life.RESOLUTION- The next morning the girls are going to go home to New York to see their dad and grandma.As the girls are about to give leave, they ran over to give their mom a hug and kiss goodbye.
The three main characters are Delphine, Vonetta,and Fern. Delphine has brown eyes, black hair,and she is tall for her age. The way Delphine acts is she is the responsible one, and she is the oldest. Vonetta has brown eyes and black hair. Vonetta is the feisty one in the family. Fern has brown eyes and black hair. Fern is more cheerful than her sisters. The other characters like the girls, but their mom is still adjusting to the girls.
The book starts in California during the 1960's in the summer. In this time period it is hard for some people, because there is a group called Black Panthers. The members carry around guns. The Black Panthers are standing up for their rights and are getting killed because they stand up for their beliefs.
Point of View
This book is being told in first person point of view. Which means the main character, Delphine, is telling the story.
"All the same, I didn't want Vonetta and Fern to see standing there like a scared dummy holding a bag of groceries."
The theme is family because the girls end up bonding with their mom, Cecila, that left them at a young age. Some examples are that Cecila decided to tell Delphine about her life story. The girls and Cecila hugged each other when they left for their home town New York. Cecila was proud when the girls did their speeches at the rally.
The conflict is character vs. character. It is character vs. character because the girls have to adjust to their mom, because she left the girls when they were young. An example of this conflict is "Fern clung to me. Cecila look more like a secret agent than a mother. But I knew she was Cecila. I know she was our mother."
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