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Brown Blazers 2013

Graduating Class of 2013

Susan Switzer

on 29 April 2014

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Transcript of Brown Blazers 2013

About Me
I was Born on October 12, 1998
My favorite school subject is math
Every year my family and I go to Myrtle Beach, SC, and I have been to Washington D.C., Florida and Chicago
This year my family and I are traveling to Europe and visiting Germany, Paris and Rome for my brother Brad's graduation present
I really would like to visit New York City when I am older
I used to live in Chicago but then moved back to Kirtland in third grade
More About Me
If I were....
A color I would want to be pink because it is my favorite color and it means to show kindness and compassion
Your Name
Interesting/Unusual Facts
I play volleyball and I am a cheerleader
I have always wanted to live in New York and do something in the clothing industry
More About Me
My name was most popular in 1989
15 facts about
An animal I would want to be a polar bear because I think that they are very cute especially when they are cubs
A type of precipitation I would want to be snow because it's pretty and enjoyable to watch and causes enjoyment for others unless you have to drive in it
My name means that I have an optimistic outlook on life, and I like to give the impression that I have everything under control.
I am 5225 days old as of January 31, 2013
Friends was voted one of the top TV shows
The Teletubbies were one of the top new toys
Out of the Dust by Karen Hesse was a top book
Together Again by Janet (Jackson) was a top song
Bill Clinton was the current president
5 facts about my Birthday
On my last birthday I was in Columbus because Kirtland went to states for golf and my brother is their number one player, so on my birthday I was at a golf competition
I always spend my birthday with my family no matter what
I was born on a warm and sunny day
I was born on Oct. 12, 1998 at exactly 2:19 pm
Events in 1998
On April 22, 1998 Disney's Animal Kingdom opens at Walt Disney World near Orlando, Florida, United States. This meant that there were now 4 parks opened at Disney World
On May 26, 1998 the United States Supreme Court rules that Ellis Island, the historic gateway for millions of immigrants, is mainly in the state of New Jersey, not New York which many debated on
On May 18, 1998 the United States v. Microsoft: The United States Department of Justice and 20 U.S. states file an antitrust case against Microsoft, this happened because many were unhappy with how successful Microsoft was getting and it was taking over the current use for documents etc.
Events that happened on October 12, 1998
I always spend my birthday with my family
An average house was $19,560
The X-files was voted one of the top TV shows
3-D Jigsaw Puzzles were on of the top new toys
The Best Motion picture was"Shakespeare in love"
Too Close by Next was a top song
Al Gore was the Vice President
Bread cost $0.86 per loaf
Minimum wage was $5.15 per hour
Star Trek: Voyager was voted one of the top TV shows
Gas was $1.12 a gallon

The U.S. House of Representatives passed the Online Copyright Bill
The Nobel Prize in medicine was awarded to 3 Americans, Robert F. Furchgott (82), Louis Ignarro (57) and Ferid Murad (62), for their work on nitric oxide gas in biochemical functions in the human body.
An American law protecting sea turtles was overturned by an appeals panel of the World Trade Organization
I have gotten stitches twice one time on my knee and another time right next to my eye
I am in a time capsule that is buried at the new TriPoint Hospital in Concord that will be opened in 100 years
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