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Smartphones' slaves

Social Problem

Alice Mogojan

on 24 July 2013

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Transcript of Smartphones' slaves


Do we realize that
we are addicted?

What internet is
doing with our brain?
Where will we
be in 100 years?
What’s happening
with us?
Just a normal Thursday...
- we have to respond immediately
- we ruin our quality times by checking the phone
- we didn't pay too much attention to people
- phantom cellphone - we feel out phone vibrating
- we are stressed if we don't have the phone around
- FOMO - fear of missing out - you feel sad when you lost a party and see pictures
- cannot pay too much attention around (5 sec of concentration now, 12 minutes 10 years ago)
- instinct to verify every time the social network
- more important to get likes and to show to the others where have we been, instead of enjoying that moment.
- cannot memorize too many things
- no more space orientation (Google maps, GPS)
- no more fresh air, small breaks are on social network
- when we are doing something, the first thought is to show to your friends that you also did "that"
5 years: the Patent Wars end, Apple win
15 years: Google glasses
25 years: extreme miniaturization (phones turns into a single use and disposable device)
50 years: wearable (wristbands) phones with voice activation
75 years: microchip and thoughts connect instantly when people dial to “call” each other
100 years: climate change, civilization crumble, loss of natural resources, communication reverts to dialogues or to individuals throwing rocks at each other.
This world on smartphones and with smartphones, is good and bad, but we have to do something until we don’t lose our own life, our memory, our brain actions, our desires, our creativity or our simplicity as human beings.
Waking up at 7:30
- my roommate is waking up her boyfriend with a small talk, usual thing for them…
Going to faculty
- 7 minutes of walking: 8 people are using their phone
- 8 minutes in the bus: 8 people using their phone, 2 are talking on the phone (22 people around)
- 6 minutes of walking: 18 people use their phone
- course one: - 1 classmate get out of the room to talk on the phone, 2 phones are vibrating, 5 persons are using the phone (out of 8), but 2 are doing this constantly.
- course two: - 2 classmates get out to talk on the phone, 2 phones are vibrating, 3 persons use their phone constantly

- 4.6 billion of cell phone use, 370 times more than in 1990
- 5 billion texts sent per day (4.1 billion sent in 2009)
- in 2 years, email open rates on smartphones increased by 300%


- 3/10 used phones in 1999 - today 9/10 used phones
- 46% have a smartphone (25% increase in one year)
- 15% answer the phone during sex
- 49% use the phone while eating
- 24% while using the bathroom.
Harvard Study of 1600 managers and professional:

- 70% check their smartphone within an hour of getting up
- 56% check their phone within an hour of going to sleep
- 48% check over the weekend
- 51% check continuously during vacation
- 44% said they would experience "a great deal of anxiety " if they lost their phone and couldn't replace it for a week.
- 2.5 million active smartphones on the market
- 46% higher educated people
- average of 22 application downloaded (and 12% paid)
- 90% use traffic through WIFI
- 91% search for local information in the phone.

- 34% prefer Samsung, 25% Nokia, 14% Iphone and THC
What for?
- 76% for email & chat, 60% for music and radio, 57% for social media, 54% for games, 49% for news and weather.
- 85% at home, 72% on the road, 63% at work, 49% on the public transport and 42% in shops
“But people will still laugh out loud (LOL).”
That's a social problem!
Going to a bar
- Zorki – 10 people inside are using their phone at a first sight; around me 5 girls at the same table, 2 of them are using constantly their phone
Going home
- not a rush hour, but in 25 minutes I counted 56 people that write/read/talk on the phone

- home alone, but I’m talking on the phone with 3 persons, that is like 1 hour, and even while I’m eating or changing my clothes
Going to an association meeting (19:00) - from Mărăşti to Haşdeu – 206 people counted that are using their phone

Meeting - before starting, 3 out of 5 people are using their phone while they are talking - during the meeting (12 people) 3 phones are vibrating, 4 people are using their phone, 2 people constantly
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