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Copy of Tutorial 9

No description

Nicole Toh

on 10 January 2014

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Transcript of Copy of Tutorial 9

Are you happily productive or Productively Happy?

"Happiness Improves Productivity"
Alexander Kjerulf
happiness at work is the no. 1 productivity booster...
Factors Contributing to a Positive Attitude
Better understanding and knowledge on the task
Detailed information should be given before hand
SOPs will enable easier execution

Teamwork and cooperation
Meetings and group discussions should be conducted to update each other on the progress
Assistance and interaction should be a common trait among team mates
The team collectively sets common targets and goals to align everyone's mindset

Employee Empowerment
Nobody likes to be micromanaged
Freedom to execute tasks
At the same time hold responsibility and accountability over the task
Factors Contributing to a Negative Attitude
Disharmony among co-workers
Everyone wants things done their own way

Unequal workload
Biased treatment and evaluations by superior

Office environment not conducive
Too messy & dirty
No proper workplace
Bad ventilation
No safety precautions taken (fire escape, fire alarm)
Productivity Increases Happiness
Paul Larson
Productive workers do seem to be happier...
Choice: Get Another Job
Company culture
Theory: Maslow Hierarchy of Needs
Each level of needs MUST be satisfied before moving on to the next level
Satisfaction at each level brings happiness
Happiness increases motivation to work
Hence, productivity improves
McClelland's 3 Needs Theory: Need for Achievement
You have a desire to achieve and excel in challenging tasks
Ambitious individuals are happy when given challenging task as it satisfies the need for achievement
As a result, Happiness is obtained
Leading to enjoyment at work which increase productivity
Herzberg's Motivator- Hygiene Theory
MOTIVATORS: Achievement and Recognition

drives people to excel in their work to obtain the reward
This increases productivity
When achievements and recognition are received, HAPPINESS is obtained
Goal Setting Theory
Key point: Reward goal accomplishment
To achieve the goal, productivity has to increase
When goal is accomplished, rewards are given
Hence, happiness is increased
Factors Affecting Attitudes
Constant poor evaluation
Lack of support from superiors
No career advancement prospects
Company structure
Lack of team cohesiveness
Over demanding workload
Unrealistic goals
Personal Choice: Get Another Job
Easier solution as compared to self motivation and trying to be happy
Step 1
Take stock of the situation :
What do you hate the most?
What do you love the most?
Step 2
Focus on solving problems identified:
My boss
My work
My colleagues
Step 3:
Take action
Amplify what you love
Minimise what you hate
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