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TRACK 4: THE SHOW The Journey of a First-time Trade Show Exhibitor

Tips and tools for first-time exhibitors. TRACK 4: THE SHOW covers travel, talking to buyers, at the show, and post-show. Follow along in the manual available at http://goo.gl/njLuYN.

angie deyoung

on 21 November 2013

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Transcript of TRACK 4: THE SHOW The Journey of a First-time Trade Show Exhibitor

The Journey of a First-time Trade Show Exhibitor
You Made It! You're Ready!
After the Show
Talking to Buyers
Greeting Buyers
make eye contact
offer a welcoming gesture
introduce yourself
shake hands
ask questions to get a conversation going
Reading Body Language
Download the manual at
Track 4
The Show
You're done with Track 4: The Show!
If you're required to take the test now, visit

Visit our website to download all of the resources:

Making the most of your travel time
Attend Educational Sessions
Network with your neighboring exhibitors
Walk the show floor
Look for:
potential suppliers
potential buyers
potential brokers or distributors
industry organizations
Gather competitive intelligence
Schedule meetings at the show
Visit your local retailer and distributor accounts
Allow enough time the evening after the show
Schedule time to stay for a few days after the show
Know your target
Start Qualifying
Do they have a need for your product?
Do they have some role in the decision-making process in their company?
Do they have budget or funding to buy from you?
Do they have a reasonable buying time-frame?
Will they allow you to follow-up with them?
Thanks for stopping by. Enjoy the rest of the show.
Examples of Show Specials
Free shipping for the first order [1 case minimum] made at or within 30 days of the show.
10% off your first order [1 case minimum] made at or within 30 days of the show.
Free display or merchandising case with first order [1 case minimum] made at or within 30 days of the show.

Paper Lead Cards
Electronic Lead Capture
Categorize Your Buyers
Determine criteria
Develop a system
Nurture the leads
Turn them into A leads
Now you're ready to capture the leads!
A, B, or C leads
At the Show
Setup Day
Rookie Tip
Bring a box cutter!
Check in...
...at exhibitor registration
...get your badge
...at your booth
...with your freight
Temperatures can vary!
Bring a sheet to cover your display
Show Days
Sales Literature
Guidelines for Sales Literature
Realize that literature doesn’t sell — people do!
Limit literature to qualified prospects.
Use literature to enhance a conversation.
Appreciate that just handing out literature is a barrier to conversation with the prospect.
Avoid handing out expensive literature.
Know that 64% of literature handed out at shows is thrown away.

Save $
Limit or eliminate literature?
Guidelines for Give-aways
1. Get some qualifying information from the visitor before handing over a gift.
2. Have the visitor do something in exchange for a gift.
3. Use the gift as a “thank you” token for stopping.
4. Avoid leaving gifts out for just any passerby.
5. Be sure that the give-away complements your business .
How to Use Trade Show Giveaways
Media at the Show
1. Press releases
2. Photos with captions
3. Your company logo
4. Supporting literature
5. A technical specifications list
6. A business card or contact information

Press Kits should include:

Meet your Floor Manager
Promote your company while walking around!
Booth Etiquette
During setup...
During the show
After the show
Review invoices
Packing & shipping
Turning in
End of the show
Don't forget your thumb drive
Importance of a trade show lead follow-up plan
Follow-up Suggestions
Do Personalize the Follow Up
Do Connect with Your Lead
Do Research Your Lead
Do a Multi-Channel Follow-up Communication Plan
Do Test, Test, Test and Track
Don’t Over Follow Up
Don’t Pounce on Responses
Don’t Deviate from Your Lead Criteria
Don’t Product Pitch
Don’t Send Out the Same Follow-up Email as the Initial Campaign
Don’t Just Leave a Phone Message to Call You Back
Don’t Send out Duplicate Responses
Timing of lead followup
Lead persistence
Continue qualifying throughout the lead follow-up process
Clarify what stage of the buying process the project or opportunity is in.
Don’t just sell, inform, educate and lead.
Never give up!
Post-show evaluation
• Exhibitor Magazine: http://www.exhibitoronline.com/topics/
• Trade Show Advisor: http://www.trade-show-advisor.com/
• The Trade Show Coach: http://thetradeshowcoach.com/
• The Hill Group podcasts: http://www.hillgroup.com/podcast.html
• The Trade Show Teacher: http://www.exhibitcitynews.com/category/columns/the-tradeshow-teacher/

Glossary of terms

1. Prospects’ buying needs and plans
2. New leads captured
3. Sales made
4. Effectiveness of advertising
5. Effectiveness of special promotions
6. Impact of your booth size, layout and staffing

Think about:
Start-up Directions:
Click the "full screen" rectangle icon at the bottom right of the screen.
Click "allow" in order to use your "forward" and "back" arrows to navigate.
Turn up the volume in order to hear the audio portions of the training.
Click on the "right" arrow on your keyboard to advance to the next "slide" in the presentation.
How to look unapproachable at a trade show
The importance of non-verbal communication
Qualifying & Organizing
In order to make the most of your time at a trade show, it's important that you know how to qualify your buyers, turn them into leads, and organize those leads for follow-up after the show.

The following tips will help you with this process!
Ideas for social media during the show
It might look like this:
...or this:
...or this:
...or this:
With any problems, visit
Be sure to give qualified buyers your :
Download a template at:
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