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Bridge Project

No description

Ivy Fahnestock

on 7 April 2015

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Transcript of Bridge Project

Bridge Project

Design Components
Double-Decker Lift Bridge Design
By analyzing the structure of bridges, we look to create a cost effective sturdy bridge.
Journalistic Research
With the construction of any structure, especially one that has been such an iconic symbol of the surrounding community, professional and community input must guide improvement and design.

History and Inspiration
The Steel Bridge is a double decker, double lift bridge in Portland, Oregon that was built in 1912, and cost around $1.7 million to create (Modern Steel). The bridge can be lifted 163 feet for taller ships to go by, and has a train track on the lower deck with automotive traffic and pedestrian lanes on the upper deck (Modern Steel).
The Thomas Johnson Bridge
At a Glance
Building the Thomas Johnson Bridge
~The Bridge was completed in 1978 (Scenic USA)
~It consists of two lanes, lacking a shoulder, and reaches a maximum height of 135 feet (Wikipedia)
~The bridge was originally designed to carry a mere 14,000 vehicles daily (SOMDNews)
~The bridge now carries over 30,000 vehicles per day (SMCM)

Benefits of the Bridge
~Connects two deeply rooted communities
~Adds to the tourism of Calvert County and Solomons Island
~Enriches Southern Maryland's culture of seafood and maritime recreation such as boating and fishing
~Provides another evacuation route in case of an emergency
"The existing Thomas Johnson Bridge acts as an icon of the Solomons Area, showing up on postcards and the like" (Jeremy Beck).
Problems with the Current Bridge
What is the most significant factor for you in a possible new Thomas Johnson Bridge: economic, safety, environmental, or public desire?
The safety of over 30,000 constituents and others who cross Thomas Johnson Bridge each day is a top concern of mine. In addition, the bridge is critical to our economy and national security. The bridge serves Patuxent River Naval Air Station, Calvert Cliffs Nuclear Power Plant, and Cove Point LNG facility, and it is important that commuters can get to and from these workplaces and that we have the infrastructure in place so that people and goods can be moved quickly in the event of an emergency (Hoyer).
The Steel Bridge
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Mission Statement
Here at LINAC we are committed to building quality infrastructures that fulfill their design intentions and make transportation affordable and accessible for everyone. We build our bridges to be reliable and we care about the safety of each commuter, vacationer, and family that crosses our bridges. Our employees take pride in their work and are conscious that they are building something not for their benefit, but for the benefit of the community as a whole.
The Pont Gustave-Flaubert
Company Members
orianne Reinhart: Public Relations Specialist
vy Fanhestock: Chief Researcher
oelle Parreira: Design Extraordinaire
lyssa Niemi: Head Analyst of the Current Bridge
ameron Gorsak: CEO, Project Manager

Here at Linac we all work together cohesively.
At Linac we like to look at successful bridges like the Steel Bridge to inspire us. The Steel Bridge inspired us to look further into the creation and design of a double decker lift bridge, especially the mechanical procedure of the lifting mechanism in the bridge to lift the middle section.
The Pont Gustave-Flaubert is a vertical lift bridge in France that crosses the Seine. This particular bridge stands at 282 feet tall, which means it is Europe's tallest lift bridge (Popular Mechanics). The bridge has automotive lanes and a pedestrian walkway, and the bridge has two different spans that lift independently from each other (IABSE).
~The main problem with the current bridge is that it cannot maintain the present traffic flow accessing the bridge on a daily basis

~There are no provided shoulders for vehicles to pass into during an emergency (Apps Road of Maryland)
"[The bridge lacks] shoulders to keep the traffic moving in the event of an accident or a stalled vehicle"
Our Inspiration
At Linac we have looked at the Pont Gustave-Flaubert to be a model example of a unique mechanically designed "butterfly" lift bridge in addition to the immense height of the bridge.
Our Inspiration
Problems Continued...
Tacoma Narrows Bridge
The Tacoma Narrows Bridge of 1940 was a suspension bridge across Puget Sound, and the bridge lasted only four months before a wind storm tore it down (WSDOT).
~The current railings alongside the top of the bridge do not provide maximum safety for over passing cars, making some travelers afraid to cross the bridge.
"I cannot stand traveling over the bridge during questionable weather such as rain, wind or snow. I tend to instead convince myself that I really don't need whatever is on the other side of the bridge"
Our Inspiration
Linac made a decision when seeing such a devastating collapse of the suspension bridge from Washington that the bridge to be designed in place of the Thomas Johnson Bridge would not be a suspension bridge.
~The two-lane status of the current bridge has an increased accident rate (Apps of Southern Maryland)
The Failure
I-35W Mississippi River Bridge
Cost vs. Material
The most cost effective material for our bridge would be steel reinforced concrete.
In the case of the existing Thomas Johnson bridge, the shortest span lengths are 75 feet long,
which is ideal for concrete girders. However, the main channel span is 450 feet long and thus
merits a steel superstructure (Gartner).
Hydraulic Lift
The I-35W Mississippi River Bridge was an eight lane bridge that collapsed one day during rush hour traffic around 6:00 pm (Twin Cities). The bridge collapse killed 13 people and injured 145 more, and the reason behind the collapse was due to a structural design flaw and a fracture in part of the bridge in addition to excess weight (Twin Cities).
Our Inspiration
When Linac first looked at this bridge we immediately decided that using the already standing Thomas Johnson Bridge was out of the question, due to the example of an overload of weight and cracking in the structure modeled with the I-35W Mississippi River Bridge.
The Failure
Last Impressions
Here at LINAC our bridge will not only be a wise choice, but it will also be a staple for the surrounding community of Southern Maryland. Our bridge maximizes the efficiency of traffic flow while maintaining a small footprint on the Patuxent River.
Hydraulic lift allows larger boats to pass under when needed
In real life there would not be a pulley system, instead there would be a hydraulic lift that lifts the bridge up for boats to pass under.
Two lanes go in each direction in order to maximize traffic flow in the most efficient manner
"A fundamental feature of hydraulic systems is the ability to apply force or torque multiplication in an easy way" (Hydraulic Machinery).
Currently, what types of bridge materials are cost effective and structurally sound?
Sensors in the Bridge
Cars are going one way on the top and one way on the bottom
"A lot of research is being done on incorporating "smart" sensors into structures to measure ice in the winter, and to measure their structural stability. Also, Intelligent Transportation Systems such as variable message signs could warn drivers of conditions ahead, such as congestion or crashes" (Beck).
"Typically, large bridges like the Thomas Johnson Bridge would be constructed from concrete and steel. In modern times, these are generally the most cost-effective materials" (Beck).
"Steel and concrete bridges offer cost effective solutions depending on a number of items, including span length and commodity prices. Another key component to its cost effectiveness is access and how the bridge can be built" (Urquhart).
This method generates more space and prevents any chance of a head-on collision
Although this would add cost upfront, in the long haul, this could save thousands. By having sensors it could detect potential weak spots in the bridge. These weak spots can be fixed prompted before major damage could occur.
Added safety guards help people to feel safer and more confident when crossing our bridge
If budget was not a factor, what would you like to incorporate into a state of the art bridge?
Pedestrian Lane
"As a design firm, we always look to the bridge to be designed with the “form follows function” ideology: meaning that you do not add something just to add it" (Urquhart).
"We worked with the community to develop a pylon that was encased in glass and back lit with LED lights that can be programed to show any color pattern: green for St.Patricks Day, or red, white and blue for the 4Th of July. This was an added cost but we worked with them to save money elsewhere with in the project" (Urquhart).
"A lot of research is being done on incorporating "smart" sensors into structures to measure ice in the winter, and to measure their structural stability. Also, Intelligent Transportation Systems such as variable message signs could warn drivers of conditions ahead, such as congestion or crashes" (Beck).
Provides a place for bikers and walkers to enjoy the views of the bridge and Solomons safely
Pedestrian lane also provides a place for wrecked cars to move into in case of a collision
"SHA has spoken with numerous residents, business owners, and representatives from both St. Mary's County and Calvert County. One topic they have often mentioned is the feeling that the existing Thomas Johnson Bridge acts as an icon of the Solomons Area, showing up on postcards and the like. It would be nice for a replacement Thomas Johnson Bridge to be a "signature" bridge for the region that could retain that iconic status" (Beck).
What flaws does the current bridge have?
"The height of the current bridge is an issue. Ideally, the new bridge will be 110 feet high, rather than 140' feet high, as the current bridge is. It was determined that 90 feet high was insufficient for sailboat traffic" (Shaw).
Special Touch
Our Bridge solar LED lights on the side facing Solomons. They will make the community feel more connected to the bridge and increase tourism.
"We also like to work with the community to develop a theme for the bridge so the project can be unique for the area and something they are proud to have in their back yard" (Beck).
"It does not have shoulders to keep the traffic moving in the event of an accident or a stalled vehicle. SHA inspects and repairs the bridge and says that it is safe, though the bridge did require additional structural supports in, I believe, 1978 ? due to a design flaw" (Shaw).
On June 29, 1956, Dwight D. Eisenhower prospectively committed the United States to high infrastructural standards by signing the Federal Aid Highway Act of 1956. Interstate commerce and American tourism became feasible, however, some 60 years after this legislative landmark, much of the nation’s roadways and bridges lay in ruin waiting for the straw to break the camel’s back. Evidence of this phenomenon can be clearly seen in the current Governor Thomas Johnson Bridge. By analyzing the current flaws in the bridge and others alike, receiving input and consultation for involved parties, and understanding the design constraints of modern engineering, our company will be able to design a bridge that will serve the needs of the community and embody the ideology of Southern Maryland.
Jeremy Beck
Project Manager
Maryland State
Highway Administration

Brice Urquhart
Regional Director
FIGG Bridge Design
Steny Hoyer,
United States House of Representatives, Minority Whip
Susan Shaw
Commissioner, Calvert County
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