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Rebecca Of Sunnybrook Fram

By: Kate Douglas Wiggin

Caroline McCall

on 9 February 2013

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Transcript of Rebecca Of Sunnybrook Fram

Title of book:
Rebecca of Sunny Brook Farm Author's name:
Kate Douglas Wiggin Aunt Jane* Aunt Jane is a wonderful aunt, she is helpful. She loves Rebecca dearly. Aunt Jane has blond hair usually worn in a bun. She is about 30. She has 2 siblings, 3 including herself. One of them is Rebecca s mom. In my opinion Rebecca of Sunny brook farm is a classic because it has 236 veiwrs!! Rebecca* Rebecca is a wonderful young girl.She is very kind and thoughtful. She is curios. Rebecca has 6 siblings 7 including herself, she is the second to eldest. She has brown hair usually worn in braids. She is 11 years old. Lastly Rebecca is brave. One quotation- Rebecca said"Are you sure you can afford it" I chose this quote because to me it means Rebecca has all 6 character traits. By: Caroline McCall Publisher:
Baronet Brooks, New York, New York Copyright date:
1938 Aunt Miranda* Aunt Miranda is one of Aunt Jan's sisters. Aunt Miranda is not kind at all. She talks bad about Rebecca s dad who past away. She has black hair usually worn in a bun. She is about 30.
The setting takes place in the little brick house the book did not state exactly where the brick house is. Altho this story takes place back when there were horse and wagons.it also is in a little cortege where Rebecca s mom lives, on Sunny Brook Farm. Plot- There are too many children at home, and not nearly enough money to care for them all. So Rebecca must leave her beloved sunny brook farm to live with 2 aunts she bearly knows. But they think they know Rebecca; in fact they wanted her older sister Hanna. Rebecca has courage and intelagents And she's going to need all that and more on this joureny. Authors theme-
I think the theme/lesson of the story is... you may be different but as long as you have courage you are safe. I chose this video because it shows how hard Rebacca's life was. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Rebecca_of_Sunnybrook_Farm
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