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parallel vs series circuit

No description

Fiona Roth

on 3 December 2014

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Transcript of parallel vs series circuit

holiday light project
A parallel circuit is a circuit where the current goes in more than one path.
parallel circuit
The series circuit is cheaper to make.
The series circuit uses less energy.
The parallel circuits bulbs are brighter.
The parallel circuits are longer lasting.
The series circuit uses less materials
pros & cons
A series circuit is a circuit where the current only one path.
series circuit
If one light goes out, there are more paths for the electricity, so the others stay lit.
If one light goes out, there is no other path for the electricity so they all go out.
The series circuits lights don't last very long.
The series circuit is dimmer as it gets longer.
The parallel lights use more energy.
The parallel lights are more expensive to make.
The parallel circuit uses more materials
This year our company should use parallel circuit lights. Even though they use much more energy and cost more, they are much reliable for years to come. For example, if the manufacturing cost was 5 dollars more than the series circuit, and the electricity bill was 50 dollars more, but we used it for 15 years we would be initially saving 200 dollars. Also we have to take in consideration that our reputation for our treatment towards our employees getting these circuits would prevent them from running around trying to fix each bulb. would In conclusion we should use the parallel circuit because we will be saving money overall.
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