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Copy of Danaher Corporation

No description

Vaibhav Kaushik

on 18 July 2013

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Transcript of Copy of Danaher Corporation

Thank you for your attention!
find the best fitting companies
focus on the right markets
use integrating tools
larger acquisitions with a chance of add-on companies
Danaher Corporation

General Information
Mergers and Acquisitions
Danaher Business System
Concerns on Danaher's Strategies
Analysis on Diversification

Founded in 1969 as DMS
1980 name changes
Late 1980's development of DBS
Since 1990's change of focus
Company Background
New Platforms
Problem Statement
How does a company successfully implement diversification?
Significant expansion
into new markets
Smaller acquisitions
synere between
Danaher and new
Stand-alone business
after acquisition
Danaher Business System
Lean Manufacturing System

Introduction of DBS to managers
Monitoring DBS

Danaher Business Strategies circle

DBS launch
Never-ending cycle
Continuation of the cycle

Concerns DBS

Costly and difficult
Failure of attracting new exeptional associates
Innovation progress

Diversification strategy

Unrelated diversificated
5 big strategic platforms divided in smaller markets
Markets have same aspects

Hard to organize
Bureaucratic complexity
Diversification through acquisitions

Nicolas Buehler, Tommie Linders & Sofia Lada Bilbao
Global Company headquartered in the U.S.

Extremely unrelated diversified multinational

Growth through acquisitions

2010: record revenues of $13.2 billion

General Information

between 1987 and 2007:
23% annual growth rate share price


maintain high growth rates

need of strong cash flow for
 value-adding acquisitions

new competitors: Privat Equity Firms
 swallow bigger fish (challenge)

acquisitions as key part of their growth strategy

 more than 400 since 1984

19 acquisitions in 2010

focus on attractive markets, including less
cyclical businesses

International Focus
 more than 50% of its revenues from overseas

Reasons of Success

The Best Team Wins

What Game Are We Playing? How Do We Win?!

Customers Talk, We Listen!

Quality First, ALWAYS! CRM!

Continuous Improvements in Our Way of Life

Eliminate Waste In Every Facet!

Core Values


Desirability Criteria

Market Size larger than $1 billion
Core Market Growth at least 5% - 7%.
avoid outstanding competitors

three categories bases:

New Platforms

Concerns Diversification

How does a company successfully implement diversification?
When is it appropriate for a company to diversify?
Reasons of Success
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