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This is my very first prezi enjoy !!

Mitchell Craw

on 15 October 2015

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Transcript of STAR WARS DROIDS



R2d2 part 2

My next slide will be about C3PO.
C3PO again appears in all off the Star Wars films so far.
He was again a costume.
The person inside of C3PO is Anthony Daniels.
I don't know what his old film costome was but the new costume for the new film will be a refurbished suit.

New Droid?

A not so long a go in a middle school robotics class.
Mitchell craw!!
There are so many robots in many movies.
They are all amazing in the way they are made, but today I will cover the Star Wars robots in the movies!
I will cover how they were made, who plays them and many more topics!
I chose this topic because I love Star Wars!
I am Mitchell Craw and this is my robotics presentation. Lets get started!

R2D2 is a robotic costume
with a man named Kenny Baker inside. The reason Kenny got the job was because he was the only man small enough to fit in the costume. His voice design was by Ben Burt.
Ben Burt had made r2d2s voice. Ben made his voice from baby cries with a robotic remix. No body actually know what r2d2 says except for other Astromec robots.

BB8 continued
Disney had asked Shpero to make a droid. They had made a bigger ball into a droid. BB-8 is remote controlled by a phone.
Whats next
The next few slides will
just be about more background droids, not how they were made, but there role in the Star Wars movies. Most of theses are from the second saga.
Battle droid (basic)
A battle droid was an average droid part of the separatist military in films one through three. They are cowardly and funny. They aren't a threat but when they are in large numbers you should be careful.
Super Battle Droid
The Super Battle Droid is basically an upgrade from the battle droids.Their armor is the toughest armor yet! They also are in films 1 through 3. Some are even equipped with jetpacks!
B-1 Commander Droids
B-1 Commander Droids are athletic droids with deadly swords.They can also be deadly assassins.
General Grievous
General Grievous is a general in the separatist army. He is a cyborg. He used to be a Qymaen jai sheel clan. After a terrible accident General Grievous was rescued and was given droid armor to live. He fights with lightsabers.
A medical droid that puts Luke in a bacteria tank after a fight with a wampa.This droid also attaches Lukes robotic arm.
Robotic Arms
In the film the Empire Strikes back Darth Vader cuts off Luke's arm. Luke then gets a robot arm to replace it.
Also in the film, Attack of the Clones, Anakin gets his arm cut off by Countdooko. He also gets a robotic hand.
A bit of extra trivia!
A few Marvel Movies honor Luke loosing his arm by having characters get there arms cut off in their movies

.Iron man 3
.Thor the dark world
.Guardians of the Galaxy
.Captain America the winter solider
.Adventures age of Ultron
A New hope
Empire strikes back
Return of the Jedi was released
1999 2002
The Phantom menace
Attack of the Clones
Before i go i would like to say thank you. You were a great audience. I loved to learn about Star Wars robots! Thank you!
"He's more machine now, then man. His mind is twisted and evil"
My background knowledge of star wars
I found all off these October12 2015
Ben Burt's most famous sounds are the light sabers, Darth Vader's breathing, and R2d2's voice.
Is one of the new droids to come out in the seventh film as you saw in the film above.
Revenge of the Sith
These are all of the Star Wars when they were released.
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