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Procedural Texts: Consumer Documents

No description

Matthew Higgins

on 21 October 2015

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Transcript of Procedural Texts: Consumer Documents

Let's Orient ourselves...
Document Type 1: Product Information
Look on page 623. What is the purpose of this information?
Document Type 2: Safety Information
Look on Page 623. Why is this section sequenced? Why is step 5 broken down with letters?
Reading Rate
Defined: Reading Rate is simply the speed at which you read. Sometimes you close-read, sometimes you skim. Both are great skills to have.
Reading Rates Cont.
This is a slow process where you take the time to read each word as to understand every bit of meaning from the text.
Document Type 3: Warranty
Look on page 624. What exactly is a warranty? What information will it give you?
Procedural Texts: Consumer Documents
Key Terms: Consumer Documents
Consumer: You! The person buying a product.

Consumer Documents: Types of texts given to the consumer for informational purposes.
This is a quicker process of reading where you search for keywords.
Look at Page 624 again and write in your notebook an answer for this question: When would skimming help you read this document, and when would close-reading help? In other words, how would both skills be appropriate to understand this document. Explain your answer.
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