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Study Smart

No description

Nestor S.I.

on 2 May 2014

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Transcript of Study Smart

Big Perspective,
Note Taking, and
Studying Smarter

Can you go over what went on in class?
Can give a definite definition in your own words
Can you explain the material in the textbook chapters?
Study Smarter
Reviewing Notes
When reviewing your notes what you should ask yourself:
When do we write information when the teacher is speaking?
repeats an item
writes an item on the board or overhead makes a direct reference to the book
asks if everyone understands
Three Different ways to Take Notes

Cornell method
Outlining Method
Sentence Method
Note taking tips:
Write down the date
Write title of subject
Leave personal notes
Don't be afraid to highlight
Use one clear line to clear mistakes
There isn't a perfect key to studying. People work differently in environments they're comfortable in, may it be in a cafe or at home with music.
Study Tips:
Clean up the notes taken in class
Review, don't memorize
Manage your time, don't procrastinate
Review bold words in text books
Make sure you're in a comfortable environment
If listening to music the best decision to make is a soundtrack with no lyrics
Worksheet Handout!
Lesson 4: I can only be as BIG as
my perspective.
What's your paradigm?
Note taking is a vital skill to a student's success which also involves adequate preparation and review outside of class.
What is the importance of note taking?
What is note taking?
Page # Today’s Date

1. Write every new thought, fact, or topic on a separate line as you progress, numbering each sentence.

2. Advantages: it’s more organized than writing paragraphs and still records most of the information.

3. Disadvantages: it’s hard to determine major/minor points and it’s hard to edit and review with clean-up.

4. It’s a good method when there’s lots of information and you don’t know how the ideas fit together.

Lecture Time!!!
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