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Mexican Revolution

No description

Schalyn Lee

on 5 December 2016

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Transcript of Mexican Revolution

Races of the Mexican Revolution
Who was porfirio diaz
poririo diaz was born on september 15th, 1830. porfirio was a soldier and president of mexico. he kept in controle of mexico for 3 decades. porfirio died in july 2nd, 1915.
who was emiliano zapata?
emiliano zapata was born on august 8th, 1879. a leader in the mexican revolutionary war. people who supported emiliano were called zapatistas. emiliano died on april 10th, 1919.
Mexican Revolution
By Schalyn Lee
In the Mexican Revolution there was diffrent
Races. there was
Meaning mixed races,
, somebody that was born spanish
American but they are european and last
, People that were born on the
liberian peninsula as they lived in spain.
Who was Francisco Pancho Villa
Francisco Villa also known as doroteo arango was born on june 5th, 1978. Francisco was a mexican revolutionary and guerrilla leader. francisco also fought against porfirio diaz and victoriano huerta.
francisco died on july 20th, 1923
Francisco villa pancho
emiliano zapata
porfirio diaz
Who was francisco madero?
Francisco madero was born on october 30th, 1873. francisco won the presidential election in 1911. madero was executed on february 18th, 1913.
Francisco Madero
Who was miguel hidalgo y costilla?
miguel was born on may 8th, 1753. miguel was a roman catholic priest and a revolutionary leader. people called him father of mexican independence.
Miguel Hidalgo y Costilla

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