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Kerry Garvey

on 16 October 2012

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Transcript of Untitled Prezi

R5 per kg of pellets

Bio waste or Biochar can be traded in for pellets

(1kg of pellets for 200g of waste) The Lucia Stove By WorldStove The Lucia Stove Air pollution
Poor health The Problem The Solution Partnership between WorldStove and the South African government to introduce the Lucia Stove to South Africa Implementation
of the Lucia Stove STEP 5: Bio char management STEP 1: The Pilot Program Feasibility (needs of the community)

Raw material available

Finding an Adaptable model

Identifying locations for "stove hubs" STEP 2: Stove hubs and employees Involving local employees STEP 3: Pellet Manufacture Costly start up
Or partner up with existing local firms STEP 4: Pellet Collection

Various uses
Workshops to educate locals Budget small cookstove designed to burn biomass pellets
5 step implementation programme
8 months
Cost = R5 316 200 emits zero hamful emissions
environmentally friendly
consumes less fuel
carbon negative The Lucia Stove: manufactured overseas assembled locally How it works Month 1 & 2: Pilot
Programme Month 5 to 8 Implementation Month 3 & 5 Assessment
Planning Time Frame Resources Benefits
of the Lucia Stove Improved health environmentally
friendly Biochar as a by-product Income and Savings Generator The Lucia Stove By WorldStove Thank you
for your time Visit us on worldstove.org/
Like us on Facebook
Follow us on Twitter The Lucia Stove Proposition The Lucia Stove By WorldStove workforce opportunities sustainability partnership between the South African government and WorldStove 2000 People Killed each year by
respiratory disease

Costs Government R1.2 Billion each year

Total Health Budget: R14 Billion

8% of total health budget for Western Cape
50 stoves brought in

50x433.20= R21 000

Import and duty costs: R10 000

Other costs R49 000

Total Pilot cost: R80 000 Pilot Programme First stage number of stoves: 5000

Reduced Stove Cost: 28 Euros = R303.24

Cost of stove: R1 516 200

Import Duties and VAT: R150 000

Cost to import: R50 000

Total Cost: R1 716 200 Main Costs Pellet Costs Each Kilogram costs R7

Sold to public for R5

Cost per KG: R2

Each family will use 2KG of pellets per day

2x5000x30: 300 000kg per month: 300 tons

Cost per month: R600 000

We are looking at an initial starting period of 6 months, pellets costs for 6 months:

R600 000 x 6: R3 600 000 81% of disadvantaged households earnings: <R1500

Household saving caused by stoves:
Coal cost per week: R20
20x5000x52= R5 200 000

1% reduction in cost to government due to pollution decreases cost by R6 000 000

Total Saving: R11 200 000 Savings Total Budget: R39.885 Billion
R1.412 Billion for social development
Western Cape has 2nd highest GDP in South Africa Lucia Stove: Total costs and earnings Risks Total Costs Setting up "stove hubs" Create opportunities

Innovating products that are environmentally friendly

Adapt cooking, power generation and heating in a fuel efficient manner WorldStove Implemented the Lucia Stove
Modified to fit their tradition
Created a protective heat shield WorldStove in Haiti Manufacturing & Assembly The Final Product Current Rand Euro Exchange: R10.83

Stove Cost: 40 Euros

R433 per stove
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