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How to search. apply and get scholarships

cristina flores

on 8 August 2014

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Transcript of Scholarships

Cristina Flores
EAOP, UC Irvine

Scholarships Application Tips
Search for Scholarships Early
Internet Searches
Narrow down your search
Public and Private Organizations
Personal Connections
Apply, Apply, Apply
There is no limit on how much money you can receive
Most scholarships range from 1,000-$5,000
There are very few full-ride scholarships
Small scholarships can really add up
Make your Application Stand out
Follow Directions
Be Aware of Scholarship Scams
Make application look professional
Research the organization offering the scholarship
Understand the mission of the scholarships and how you fit it!
Develop a strong personal essay
Tell the reader what is unique about your accomplishments and the obstacles you have overcome
Have strong letters of recommendation
Have at least three people who can speak highly of you
Easy way to self-eliminate
Submit ALL required documents
Call to confirm your application has been received
Look for contact information
Don’t pay for search engines
Legitimate scholarships will never ask students to pay to apply
Never give your credit card or back account number
Search Engines
UC: Blue and Gold
Covered 2012-13 system-wide fees ($12,192) for California residents whose families earned less than $80,000 a year and student qualified for financial aid.
Qualified students must be in their first four years of attendance (first two years for transfer students)
Complete information available at www.universityofcalifornia.edu/blueandgold/
Receiving Scholarship
Notify scholarship association if contact information changes
Most Scholarships are announced in May
Communicate with Financial Aid offices at your college/university
Creating a profile
Be exact
Choose what you can really speak about
Major Specific Searches
Work Study
Money that is borrowed by the student or parent
Must be repaid with interest
Money can be borrowed from the Federal, State or Private Loan agencies
Free money awarded to students for academic achievement, interest, special talents, financial need, or a combination of factors
Need Based
Based on the financial need of your family
based on your merits or accomplishments
Undocumented & AB 450 Students
Bill Gates Millennium Foundation
Coca-Cola Scholars Program Scholarship
Microsoft Minority
Quest Bridge (Juniors)
Elks National Foundation
Free money from the state, federal government or university that does not have to be paid back

Federal Grants (Pell Grants)
State Grants ( Cal Grants)
Institutional Grants (offered by schools)
Contact Information
Cristina Flores
(949) 824-8574
Big Time
Federal program which funds part-time student employment to help pay for college.
Don’t worry!! AB 540 students can apply and
compete for institutional and scholarships that
do not require citizenship. This includes
scholarships funded through CA universities,
private donors, alumni or individuals.

Here are some websites for AB 540 students:
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