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The Yopp-Singer Assessment

What is the Yopp-Singer Assessment and what does it test?

Joanna Piekarski

on 20 November 2012

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Transcript of The Yopp-Singer Assessment

The Yopp-Singer Test What is it and why is it important?

The Yopp-Singer Test is a valid, reliable assessment tool that is easy to administer, score, and interpret.
What does it test? Phonemic Awareness - The awareness that speech consists of a series of sounds. Children who are phonemically aware have the ability to:
- break up words into constituent parts
- remove sounds from words
- isolate the beginning, middle, and end sounds of a word. Why is phonemic awareness important? Research has shown that phonemic awareness is strongly related to success in reading and spelling acquisition. Phonemic awareness is a more potent predictor of reading achievement than: •nonverbal intelligence
•listening comprehension
•general intelligence tests
•tests of reading readiness Children who lack phonemic awareness have trouble benefiting from print exposure or phonics instruction How do we isolate the students who need intervention?! The Yopp-Singer Assessment Tool -Takes about 5 to 10 minutes to administer
-Measures a child’s ability to separate words into
their constituent sound. Ex. Cat – C/a/t
-Note: Sounds not letters are counted.
Ex. Fish has 3 sounds F/i/sh
-22 words selected based on word familiarity
and feature analysis -The assessment is introduced as a word game
-Appropriate feedback is given
-All phonemes must be separated for the item to be marked correct.
oConsonant blends are considered separate phonemes. Ie. grew – g/r/ew.
oDigraphs, such as “sh” and “th”, are counted as one phoneme. SCORING -The mean score of children in kindergarten was 11 out of 22 correct items.
Children who score close to perfect are considered
phonemically aware.
Children who score closer to the mean show
emerging phonemic awareness
Children who are able to identify 0 to a few words
lack appropriate levels of phonemic awareness.
Without interventions, these children will likely struggle
with reading and spelling in the future. What can we do to work on Phonemic Awareness? READ ALOUD SING SONGS PLAY WORD GAMES In summary, the Yopp-Singer Test is an essential tool for determining a child’s level of phonemic awareness. I LOVE PHONEMIC AWARENESS! Supporting Research Research has suggested that the Yopp-Singer Test is reliable and correlated with other valid measures of phonemic awareness. Ex. PAT, and PAAT. USE IN THE CLASSROOM The Yopp-Singer Test should be used initially as a
screening tool to determine students with
low levels of phonemic awareness.
Assessment should be conducted beginning in Kindergarten.
Assess frequently throughout the year in order for explicit systematic instruction to take place in small groups according to student need. Research (con't) Yopp-Singer test scores highly correlate
with future reading levels.
Overall, there is strong support for the
use of this tool in the classroom.
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